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In the city of Amsterdam, international DJs spin techno, house, and dance in venues that range from warehouses to fancy nightclubs. Any given Friday or Saturday presents hip-hop to fist bumping and techno to electro in the city’s vibrant club scene. But where do party-goers head during the week? These top nightclubs in Amsterdam keep the party going Sunday through Thursday. Here are the best weekday nightclubs in Amsterdam:

By Samantha Gades / Unsplash

Sunday Night

Epic inside Escape Amsterdam

After two days of Friday and Saturday partying, the Sunday night jam to wrap up your weekend can be found at Epic. The vibes at Sunday night’s Epic are bound to slow you down just enough to ease you back into the work week. Enjoy this night of hip-hop and smooth R&B in Escape Amsterdam. The party starts to empty around 2 am, which will give you just enough sleep to wake up fresh and have a productive Monday. 

By Escape Amsterdam Facebook

Wicked Jazz Sounds at the Sugarfactory

On Sunday, many locals (and tourists in-the-know) head to Wicked Jazz Sounds at the Sugarfactory, which is near Leidseplein. It plays good music and has all-around fun vibes. A combination of DJs and musicians take to the stage and it’s where ‘jazz meets dance’. It’s a great way to wind down the weekend.


Oedipus Brewing

Oedipus in Amsterdam Noord is an awesome brewery that’s a great place to party on a Sunday. The brewery offers a few beers on tap and a space for dancing. On Sunday you can hear Catch Red Light Radio’s Liquid Jams where you can see live music.

Monday Night

Cheeky Monday in Winston Kingdom

To start your week off right, check out Winston Kingdom’s popular drum ‘n’ bass event every single Monday. The event features international guest DJs and budding local stars as well. Arrive early for free entrance before 10 pm and to make the most of your Monday night. You’ll be guaranteed to be dancing until the early hours!

By Winston Kingdom Facebook

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Tuesday Night

Techno Tuesday inside Melkweg

Spice up the beginning of the week by partying with locals and visitors at Techno Tuesdays in Melkweg. Amsterdam is one of the best places in Europe to party to techno music. Techno DJs foster an environment where the love of music transcends the party scene. Here you can connect to the bumping beats with fellow ravers, any Tuesday of your choosing.

By Melkweg Facebook

Wednesday Night

Night Shift inside Sugar Factory

After sleeping off your hangover from Wicked Jazz Sounds at the Sugar Factory on Sunday, head back to the same spot on Wednesday for one of the best nights in town. Jam to some dance, disco, house and hip hop hits at Nightshift, which is a weekly Wednesday event. With funky, soulful and spiritual music to vibe to until 5 am, this is the place to be. Come be part of the dancers, night crawlers and heads committed to celebrating this dance music.

By Sugar Factory Facebook


Head to ClubNI on Wednesday if you’re in the mood for electronic music. You’ll find underground house and tech house being spun by local DJs. It’s a cool space and a great place to be on a Wednesday night.

By ClubNI / Instagram

Thursday Night

Noodlanding in Paradiso

The hot spot for club-goers in Amsterdam on a Thursday night is the hyper-eclectic Noodlanding event at the well-known Paradiso. From indie to electro and hip-hop to pop, there’s Noodlanding is the best way to get your weekend started early. Club Paradiso is one of the oldest nightclubs in the city. It’s known as an amazing party experience thanks to its unique setting; the club is located inside a former church and features Gothic architecture. Because of its church setting, the music truly travels through the building meaning the beats will be vibrating through your whole body.

By Paradiso Facebook

Club Escape

Club Escape is another great Thursday spot. It’s considered to be one of the most unmissable clubs in Amsterdam, and while the party is enormous on Fridays and Saturdays, Thursdays still draw a big crowd. The club features strong visuals and eclectic music.



Shelter is located in the north of Amsterdam and it’s a club located in the basement of the former Shell tower, giving it a mysterious, underground vibe. The club is set in a large, concrete room and there’s just enough lighting to see the person next to you. DJs spin a mixture of house and techno and it’s open all night.

Dance Room @ OT301

OT301 a multi-storied building that used to be a former squat and is now used as a creative space. There’s an underground dance room that’s hosted party nights put on by Subbacultcha. On Thursdays, you can find emerging music and a hipster crowd.

By Vinicius Amano / Unsplash
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