Interior of an Airbnb alternative apartment
Photo by Pexels

For whatever reason, you’re becoming an increasingly unsatisfied Airbnb customer. The quick key-for-cash transaction feels impersonal and you want to get to know your host. Or maybe Airbnb’s increased popularity is pushing prices past your budget. Or maybe you’re just curious and you want to know if there’s another show in town. So, what are the alternatives to Airbnb?

Make no mistake, Airbnb dominates the non-hotel accommodations rental market, but fear not, there are other options to explore.

One Airbnb alternative is VRBO (Vacation Rentals by Owner). Operating since 1996, VRBO offers over a million properties and trust that comes with experience – to stay in the game for for more than 20 years you have to be doing something right! VRBO is a great bet for larger groups looking to rent out a vacation house who don’t want too much contact with the host. Think family reunion or college buddies renting a house for spring break.

If you’re looking to narrow your search to slightly (or significantly) more upscale properties, check out Flipkey by Tripadvisor. It offers fewer rentals (only 300,000) but quality over quantity is Flipkey’s MO. If you’re serious about taking the upscale vacation concept to another level, you can even book yourself a yacht. Fancy that. is another option worth checking out if you’re looking to cast a broad net. It compiles a bunch of Airbnb competitor search results and saves you the effort of site-hopping for deals. It’s also great for hosts looking to reach a broad audience.

And these are just a few! Yes, Airbnb is terrific, but take a look around. You might be missing out.

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