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Cuba hostels
Photo by Pedro Szekely

If you’re looking to book a hostel in Cuba, chances are you’re used to hostel-hopping while traveling the world. You might be in the backpacker mentality that hostels are the best budget option and also the best way to meet other travelers and explore the new cultures you’re in. However, Cuba accommodations are not quite the same.

In Cuba the two most common accommodations options are beachside hotels or casa particulares. A ‘casa particular’ is a privately-owned guest house operated by local property owners. These houses can be spotted throughout city streets with signs bearing a blue, horizontal “H” that resembles an anchor.

Casa particulares offer the best local experience and budget alternative. Hosts typically provide homemade food at a low cost, and are excited to speak with their guests, share their culture and get to know where you come from, too. Hosts can recommend backstreet digs and popular local restaurants, so you can experience Cuba through the eyes of a local.

In the end, chances are you’ll find yourself choosing between a hotel or casa particular. However, if your heart is set on a hostel your best bet is to use an extensive accommodations search engine and filter the search for hostels in Cuba to discover all options available during your stay.

Where to Book Hostels in Cuba
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