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Bermuda is known for its stretches of white-sand beaches and crystal-clear waters that reflect shades of turquoise, cerulean, sapphire and azure. As a summer-destination, most tourists visit in the warmer months, namely May-August. But travelers will be pleased to find that a Bermudian escape in the winter months still offers comfortable temperatures to spend on the beach, as well as the opportunity to explore scenic walking hikes and local town centers.


Getting There

Airfare prices in off-season months are dramatically cheaper than the rest of the year, with prices from JFK averaging around $240 (and we’ve seen them drop below $200) roundtrip. The flight from New York is about an hour and a half, which is half the time it takes to get to Miami and even less than the 4.5 hours to Cancun. As soon as you land, you’ll be minutes away from picturesque beaches, so you’ll spend less time commuting to and from. For a weekend getaway, those extra few hours can be valuable beach time.


The Climate

January temperature in Bermuda averages between 60 and 70 degrees. Granted, it’s not the 70-80 degree average that some beach cities in Mexico boast, but it’s still a welcome escape from the drudgery of east coast winters. Winter months include fairly regular rainfall, but the storms I’ve encountered tend to be pass quickly, leaving behind rainbows and sunny skies.


And because it is off-season, travelers will be pleased to find that they have their selection of near-private (or in some cases, entirely private) beaches. Depending on your preference, the water may or may not be warm enough to go for a swim, but winter days still offer enough warmth to lay out on the beach and soak up the sun.

Support Local

Bermuda’s main source of tourism comes during the summer months when cruise ships take port in the dockyard. While many of the chains shut down during the winter months, the local shops stay open. Visiting Bermuda in the off-season means you’ll have more chances to meet Bermudians and support the local economy.


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Why You Should Go to Bermuda During Off-Season
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