Glamorous camping — popularly known as ‘Glamping’ — has seen a surge in interest over the recent decade. Being immersed in nature while still maintaining the luxury of staying in a hotel is the perfect combination for many travelers. Unlike camping, the perks of glamping (to name only  a few) are not having to pack and carry all the standard equipment, never having to depend on the weather, and being able to splash out on special treats during your stay. As glamping holidays have become more popular, aggregated search sites like Glamping Hub have emerged.


Hand-picked properties

Located in over 80 countries (2018) and with 24,0000+ accommodations, Glamping Hub features glampsites from around the world, ranging from city centers to remote fields. The greatest appeal of glamping is its novelty – sleeping in a tipi under the Northern Lights in Norway, or having a morning coffee on the ledge of a treehouse Hawaii possesses the uniqueness that contemporary travelers desire. Glamping is travel without compromise: stay in the desert or in the middle of a forest and still be pampered — it’s the Instagram-worthy way to go on vacation. Glamping Hub knows this, and accordingly features amazing photos of various properties on the website, in hope to inspire a sense of wanderlust among visitors.

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Founded in 2012, the idea for the company started in San Francisco, USA but swiftly moved its office to Sevilla, Spain. The 4 founders (David Troya, Jacob Gelfand, Ruben Martinez, Talal Benjelloun) claim they wanted to put a directory together for unique holiday spaces, namely tents, yurts, treehouses and nature-based accommodations. In interview, Torya said that the motivation behind Glamping Hub focuses on modern-day travelers being time-poor and needing an accommodation search engine that efficiently uses filters to plan trips for them. It is precisely because of this criteria that Glamping Hub is a curated catalogue of accommodations – unlike other OTAs (online travel agents), it handpicks the properties on the site and only displays relevant search results. Travelers are consequently saved having to browse through an overwhelming possibility of options. In order to develop such a specific, high standard of glampsites, there are three criteria Glamping Hub looks for: firstly, that the place has a “unique structure”, secondly, that it has immediate access to outdoors, and thirdly, that it has all the comforts of a hotel.

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“Collect moments, not things”

While relatively new and small in comparison with other OTAs, Glamping Hub is still having an impact on the market. By specializing in a niche area of travel, the business is quickly building a reputation for all things glamorous. With a motto that reads “collect moments, not things”, it’s fitting that the site is home to some of the most extravagant getaway homes. Suited for all ages and all kinds of travelers, glamping is for people who enjoy ‘roughing it’ without the rough. Ideal for short, relaxing breaks, or long, far-afield safari trips, glamping is equally popular for honeymoons, bachelor/ette parties, and family vacations.


The curated model certainly gives Glamping Hub an advantage over competitors such as HomeAway and Airbnb, who do not organize their properties in the same way. As a result, the accommodation selection and structure has made Glamping Hub one of the main communities for glamping, as well as a leading website for booking glamping vacations. With that being said, is a fierce rival to Glamping Hub, as it lists specifically chosen properties in the same way.

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Much like Airbnb, Glamping Hub works on a host-approval basis, whereby a guest requests to book a specific date and the host either confirms or rejects the booking. Although the guest enters their card details when requesting a reservation, no charge is made until the dates have been confirmed. Glamping Hub serves as a third party throughout the process, so no direct contact is possible between the guest and host, they have to message via Glamping Hub’s platform. Following their stay guests can leave reviews about the host and their time away.

Tips & tricks

Generally, Glamping Hub’s website is very user-friendly; necessary information can be easily found on the property page, including amenities, suitabilities, and the cancellation policy. To book a glamping option, users can immediately check availability by selecting their date range. The page refreshes and if the dates can be booked, there is a clear breakdown of fees, including the cleaning cost and taxes/services if applicable.

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The Glamping Hub website also offers much more in the form of useful tips and tricks. Search by pet-friendly rentals to make sure the furriest member of your family is included in the glamping trip – there’s even travel advice about things like airline pet policies. Not sure what to book? Search by your preferred holiday location or by glamping type for some holiday stimulation. Additionally, check out the blog, which features host spotlights – interviews with property owners about the unique glamping experience they offer. Travels can also give the gift of glamping by buying a Glamping Hub gift card, simply select the amount and choose a design – the recipient can then use the credit to book online.

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Unlike other holiday vacations, glamping concentrates on the accommodation as the experience. Because the journey is the destination itself, the property should be thoroughly researched beforehand. We recommend checking out reviews of the glampsite before booking and enquiring about available activities to tailor to your home-from-home needs. Just because glamping has the glamorous label, doesn’t mean it has to be expensive, plenty of options exist for a reasonable budget so know in advance what you’re willing to spend and what level of luxury you’re looking for. Finally, pack your bags, prepare to arrive at your glamping destination with everything taken care of, and indulge in nature with the finer things.

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