USA Vacation Rentals

Top Vacation Destinations in United States of America

  • Kissimmee119,122 Properties
  • Davenport48,678 Properties
  • Panama City Beach30,803 Properties
  • Gulf Shores22,373 Properties
  • Champions Gate22,135 Properties
  • Myrtle Beach21,405 Properties
  • North Myrtle Beach19,436 Properties
  • Breckenridge19,395 Properties
  • Orange Beach19,136 Properties

Our Favorite Vacation Rentals in United States of America

  • Private Room in Palmdale
     Family Stay
  • Nice Palmdale Moonflower Home.
    Excellent3br Home/Apartment
  • Million Dollar View!!!
    Good4br Home/Apartment
  • Charming quiet casita
  • A Beautiful desert home is up on the hill.
     4br Home/Apartment
  • Private Gated 2 Bedroom House
    Excellent2br Home/Apartment
  • Private Estate Casita
    Excellent2br Home/Apartment
  • "Peaceful Acre" ~ Pet Friendly Upscale Studio apt

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United States of America Vacation Rentals with a Pool

  • Quartz Hill/Lancaster swimming pool
    Excellent3br Home/Apartment
  • Quaint Room in the High Desert
  • Super Cozy Private Guesthouse

United States of America Vacation Rentals with Wi-Fi

  • We Are Family Home
    Good3br Home/Apartment
  • 3 BDR House in Quartz Hills
    Excellent3br Home/Apartment
    Excellent3br Home/Apartment
  • Retro camper rv

United States of America Pet-Friendly Vacation Rentals

  • Amazing Mountain Views in Private 5 bed 1 Bath RV
    Excellent2br Home/Apartment
  • Private dirt road fishing pond with gaming room
  • Camper on 40plus acres fish pond steam sauna

USA Travel Guide

Home of the Brave, Land of the Free, containing over 50 states, the USA is one of the largest countries in the world. A person could spend their entire lifetime living in the USA and never feel that they have seen or done it all. From the deserts and canyons of the Wild West, to the ranches of the deep south, the beaches of the west coast, and the cosmopolitan cities of the east, the USA feels like several different countries and cultures combined, and has something for every type of traveler.

Things to Do in USA

One of the best things to do in the USA is to visit the iconic landmarks that have made this country a beloved travel destination across the world. Los Angeles, New York, and Las Vegas are among those 'must visit' destinations.

In Los Angeles, wander down Hollywood boulevard and check out the various stars and handprints left by various celebrities, actors, and musicians throughout the decades. Take a celebrity-homes tour in Beverly Hills and use Los Angeles as a starting point for the other charming Southern Californian towns and cities in the area.

Even those who do not consider themselves as big gamblers or party animals will enjoy the experience of traveling to Las Vegas and seeing some of the eccentric and downright unusual designs of the larger than life themed hotels and casinos.

In New York, admire one of the most beautiful skylines in the world from the viewing deck at the top of the Empire State Building and feel transported to the other sides of the world in the charming, international neighborhoods of Little Italy and Chinatown. Of course, no trip to New York City is complete without venturing out to see the lovely Lady Liberty up close, or by taking a day trip to Niagara Falls.

Best Time to Visit USA

Since the USA is so large and its climates so diverse, there is no overall best time to travel to the country. In the Southen states and the Midwest, temperatures get very hot and humid over the summer, so they are best enjoyed over the spring or fall months. Most of the East and West coasts are preferable during the summer as the temperatures are at their hottest and rainfall is minimum. Check the specific temperatures and weather conditions for your destination before traveling.

Price and Availability in United States of America

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The cheapest day to stay at a vacation rental in United States of America tends to be Tuesday, while the most expensive day tends to be Saturday. Vacation homes in United States of America tend to be busiest on Saturdays, while it tends to be much quieter on Tuesdays.
The most expensive month to stay in a vacation rental in United States of America is in July, while the cheapest month is in November. The most popular time to book a vacation rental in United States of America is in the high season in July. United States of America has its low season in January, when less people are visiting and the vacation home occupancy rate drops.

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Destinations in United States of America

  • Florida551,158 Properties
  • California267,359 Properties
  • Colorado131,603 Properties
  • Texas123,880 Properties
  • South Carolina98,745 Properties
  • North Carolina88,459 Properties
  • New York67,895 Properties
  • Tennessee63,169 Properties
  • Georgia57,374 Properties
  • Oregon55,059 Properties
  • Hawaii54,044 Properties
  • Alabama53,249 Properties
  • Arizona47,953 Properties
  • Massachusetts44,176 Properties
  • Washington41,354 Properties
  • Utah38,554 Properties
  • Virginia32,962 Properties
  • Michigan31,211 Properties
  • New Jersey27,420 Properties
  • Nevada25,039 Properties
  • Maine23,913 Properties
  • Pennsylvania23,768 Properties
  • New Mexico22,414 Properties
  • Maryland21,826 Properties
  • Missouri18,411 Properties
  • Idaho17,514 Properties
  • Montana16,067 Properties
  • Wisconsin15,936 Properties
  • Vermont15,856 Properties
  • Indiana13,683 Properties
  • Louisiana12,378 Properties
  • Arkansas12,231 Properties
  • Illinois12,058 Properties
  • Ohio11,833 Properties
  • Delaware11,746 Properties
  • Minnesota11,034 Properties
  • Oklahoma10,809 Properties
  • Mississippi10,768 Properties
  • New Hampshire10,311 Properties
  • Alaska8,799 Properties
  • Kentucky7,512 Properties
  • Wyoming7,356 Properties
  • Puerto Rico6,941 Properties
  • Rhode Island6,446 Properties
  • South Dakota6,318 Properties
  • Kansas5,773 Properties
  • West Virginia5,457 Properties
  • District of Columbia5,315 Properties
  • Iowa4,777 Properties
  • Connecticut4,233 Properties
  • Nebraska3,153 Properties
  • United States Virgin Islands2,031 Properties
  • North Dakota1,681 Properties
  • Guam643 Properties
  • Northern Mariana Islands602 Properties