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Emeryville is a small coastal city in the Alameda County in California, just on the other side of the bay from San Francisco. Emeryville is home to dozens of large companies and headquarters such as the Pixar Animation Studios. This area was colonized by the Spanish in 1776 and soon the area was recognized for its great agricultural and economical features. Cattle ranches and fishing companies opened up because the bay was full of great fish, oysters, and clams which sold quickly. Lumbering also started out because the great California trees were excellent for building. By the end of the 20th century Emeryville was well developed and was often visited as a great vacation spot.

Things to Do in Emeryville

Emeryville is an excellent location for a holiday which has lots of fun and adventure in it. This small coastal town features not only water activities but nice landmarks and historical sights. The San Francisco Bay Area is excellent for adventurous minds. Of course the UC Berkeley is not only a higher education institution but it is also home to many great amenities such as parks, libraries, a planetarium and much more which are all accessible for the public.

Moreover, Alcatraz Island is a great place to check out especially if you always wondered about the famous prison. Visit the site and attend a guided tour where you can not only explore the old prison but also hear about the craziest stories and prison breaks.

Other famous landmarks such as the Golden Gate Bridge and the Golden Gate Park are must-dos if you are staying the area. Everyone traveling to the San Francisco Bay must, of course, see the Golden Gate Bridge. Emeryville is set in a beautiful marina which means there are many great beaches and outdoor activities you can visit. Check out the Emeryville Marina where lots of activities await visitors. Rent a boat or a kayak and explore the area. You can also fish and swim here because the waters are not disturbed. This is also a popular point for boat tours to kick off, so if you are interested in fishing charters or boat tours of the bay see what Emeryville has to offer. Furthermore, if you want to hike and check out the view from the top, travel to Tilden Regional Park where you can have a lovely hike up and see the bay area from the top. It is truly an amazing sight to see.

Best Places to Stay in Emeryville

The best area to stay in Emeryville is near the waterfront so you can have the best access to all the great amenities, stores, restaurants, and much more. Attractions and landmarks are only a few steps away from here. Vacation rentals in Emeryville are very popular and you can easily browse the vacation rentals and the listings to find the perfect place for your vacation. If you are traveling with family and friends and need a lovely vacation rental which has full kitchens, large living areas, washer-dryer features and much more then do not worry. You will find the perfect vacation home for your needs.

Best Time to Visit Emeryville

The weather does not change too much in Emeryville. The yearly average temperature is 67 degrees. From June until October the average temperature is 72 degrees, and in the rest of the year is 55 degrees. Please keep in mind that nights can be chilly in this area and the temperature might drop a good few degrees. There is very little rain in Emeryville but there are a couple inches between December and February. The best time to visit Emeryville is in August and September when the weather is the warmest and there is lot of sunshine so you can fully enjoy a great stay.

Price and Availability in Emeryville

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The most expensive month to stay in a vacation rental in Emeryville is in July, while the cheapest month is in January. The most popular time to book a vacation rental in Emeryville is in the high season in July. Emeryville has its low season in December, when less people are visiting and the vacation home occupancy rate drops.
The cheapest day to stay at a vacation rental in Emeryville tends to be Wednesday, while the most expensive day tends to be Saturday. Vacation homes in Emeryville tend to be busiest on Saturdays, while it tends to be much quieter on Tuesdays.

The Weather in Emeryville

75º 54º
69º 53º
82º 49º
83º 47º
80º 45º
64º 40º
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78º 37º
74º 39º
75º 43º
67º 49º
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Rainy days
This climate histogram shows you the weather patterns in Emeryville. The hottest month in Emeryville is March, when temperatures peak at 83 ˚F. The coolest month is February, when temperatures drop to 37 ˚F. The wettest month in Emeryville is November with 5.79 inches of rain, while the driest month is October with 0.18 inches of rain.

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