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Harpers Ferry is named after its first settler, Robert Harper. The town is located in Jefferson County, West Virginia. Harper's Ferry is an interesting town and it has lots of amazing history. Needless to say, it forms a major part of America's history. The town is situated in the Blue Ridge Mountains, in between the Shenandoah and the Potamic rivers. Naturally, Harper's heirs inherited the land after his death, but it was bought from them in 1796 by the then American president to be used for the federal armory. That deal was the start of rifle manufacturing in Harpers Ferry. The famous Harpers Ferry raid happened in October of 1859, masterminded by John Brown and his team members. The sole purpose was the abolition of the slave trade, which failed as most of John's team members were killed in the raid while the rest were publicly executed.

Harpers Ferry was repeatedly attacked during the civil war but the city is now peaceful, and in fact, it's history now serves as a tourist attraction for many. Welcome to Harpers Ferry, a city rich in history and culture as well as warm, fun-loving locals. You'll definitely love your stay in this town. Here are some nice things to do in Harpers Ferry.

Things to Do in Harpers Ferry

If you've heard so much about the American Civil war and the part Harpers Ferry played in it, then the first place you should visit is Harpers Ferry National Historic Park and get a feel of the war’s historical significance. Things to enjoy with your family and friends when you visit this park include hiking, visiting museum exhibition, a guided tour into the history of the civil war, and so much more. You could also buy books and stationery from Harpers Ferry Park Association's Bookshop.

Aside from visiting historic sites like Jefferson rock, The Point, and John Brown's Fort, you can also enjoy outdoor activities like swimming, canoeing, fishing, and kayaking. The good thing is they can be done at any time of the year because Harpers park is bounded by two rivers than never run dry.

Best Time to Visit Harpers Ferry

It largely depends on your weather preference, your purpose for visiting and your budget. If you are seeking warm or hot weather, then you would want to visit between June and August. Harpers Ferry is cold in most other times of the year, largely because it is surrounded by rivers.

If you have a low budget, you could still visit Harpers Ferry and enjoy your holiday, but you will have to visit when there is not much tourism going on, this is because, during the time tourist activities are much, the cost of hotels, rentals, and general tourist attractions would skyrocket. The best time for a low budget visit is October.

Best Events in Harpers Ferry

Here are some annual Harper Ferry events you shouldn't miss: the Blue Ridge Arts & Crafts Festival, which is an annual event held in the monumental Peter Burr House. It's a time to enjoy good food and live musical performances. There are also fun things for your kids to enjoy. Admission is absolutely free and open to all.

There's also the Shepherdstown Valentine's Market. Similar to Blue Ridge festival, the Shepherdstown festival is open to the general public. It presents an interesting opportunity to buy local gifts for your Valentine, but beyond that, you will enjoy great local dishes and good musical performances. Other important events in Harpers Ferry are Soaring into Summer, Glow Night, The Great American Food Truck Festival, and Loco Cocoa.

Price and Availability in Harpers Ferry

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The most expensive month to stay in a vacation rental in Harpers Ferry is in June, while the cheapest month is in February. The most popular time to book a vacation rental in Harpers Ferry is in the high season in July. Harpers Ferry has its low season in January, when less people are visiting and the vacation home occupancy rate drops.
The cheapest day to stay at a vacation rental in Harpers Ferry tends to be Monday, while the most expensive day tends to be Friday. Vacation homes in Harpers Ferry tend to be busiest on Saturdays, while it tends to be much quieter on Tuesdays.

The Weather in Harpers Ferry

94º 47º
95º 52º
92º 53º
94º 52º
90º 30º
77º 21º
65º 13º
71º -2º
83º 11º
69º 19º
87º 27º
92º 40º
Rainy days
This climate histogram shows you the weather patterns in Harpers Ferry. The warmest months in Harpers Ferry are June and July, when temperatures reach 95 ˚F. The coolest month is January, when temperatures drop to -2 ˚F. The wettest month in Harpers Ferry is September with 9.22 inches of rain, while the driest month is March with 1.37 inches of rain.

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