Everyone gets a share of everything — Featured on New York Times

The sharing economy — or the prospect of what’s mine is yours, for a price — has hit nearly every sector of the travel market. The success of operations like Airbnb in room rentals has spawned businesses related to recreation, dining and transportation.

The new app from JetSmarter allows fliers to book a seat on a private jet from their smartphones, promising the same ease as using Uber to get a ride.

EatWith, which began in 2013, links travelers with locals in 32 countries for a home-cooked meal.

Even traditional destination clubs, in which membership fees grant access to high-end estates in popular resort destinations, have begun sharing access with outsiders. Exclusive Resorts’ Gateway Escape plan allows nonmembers access to its portfolio of more than 300 rental homes for three- to seven-day stays.

With both traditional and sharing options crowding the web, travel searches can be overwhelming, but the rise of metasearch engines — search sites that aggregate results from many sites and databases — suggests that the digital future may become more organized. The new lodging search engine AllTheRooms rounds up not just available hotels in a place, but shareable options including home rentals and houseboats and nontraditional choices like campgrounds, making for easy cost and option comparisons across categories in one Google-like click.

“If there’s a hammock in the Caribbean or a couch in Manhattan or a four-star hotel in Las Vegas, it will show up in AllTheRooms,” said Joseph DiTomaso, co-founder and chief executive of AllTheRooms. “We give the consumer what they’re looking for, access to everything.”

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