The Best Places to Stay in NYC for Under $200

New York is expensive — believe us, we know (and our bank accounts can prove it). But at the end of the day, we’re in love with our city and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. Our infatuation with the Big Apple is why we want to make your visit here as easy (and budget-friendly) as possible. We’ve spent some time sifting through the rooms in NYC and we’ve come up with our top list of places to stay. And the best part? Each of these listings are available for under $200/night. Yeah, you read that right.


Our New York City accommodations were selected by considering the following:

Location/proximity: We think you should be able to get around easily. Each of these listings are near subway stops.

User ratings: Reviews mean a lot, there’s no way around it. All of our listings have received excellent user-based reviews.

Amenities: We think certain amenities (like wifi) are a must. Each listing includes what we believe are must-haves for a stay in NYC.

* Please note: The following listings are rooms for rent within apartments. All pricing was accurate on date of publish. Accommodation pricing is set up independently of alltherooms and is subject to change.

The Best Places to Stay in NYC

for Under $200/night

East Harlem


For just $120, you can have your own room in this adorable brightly lit apartment. Located on 110th and Lexington, the building includes a gym and roof deck. View the full listing here.


Upper West Side

best-places-to-stay-in-nyc-under-200-2You can’t go wrong with an apartment with a view of Central Park — and at $155 a night, the room in this apartment is a steal. You can read the details in the full listing here.


Upper West Side



This spacious and brightly lit bedroom is available in the Upper West Side, just a few blocks from the C, B and 1 train stops, and is only $150 a night. The room is available for both short and long-term rentals and you can view the full listing here.

Hells Kitchen


We’re smitten with the details in this cozy room in Hells Kitchen, available for just $135 a night. Be sure to check out what the owner describes as a “shabby chic rooftop” in the listing here.


Midtown East



There’s six rooms available in this huge Midtown East apartment, and with prices starting at $175 a room, we may already be planning our next staycation with some friends of ours… Check out the full listing details on the two-story apartment here.

Hells Kitchen


Need we say more than show you this gorgeous photo? Embrace the part of you that’s always wanted to stay in an artist’s loft in New York City and stay in this space for only $180/night. You can view the listing here.

West Village 


Like most things in the West Village, this gem is picturesque and easy to fall in love with. Get instant booking on this $150/night space. Oh and did we mention there’s rooftop access? Check out the details here.

East Village



It’s no secret that locals love the block on 7th Street between avenues 1st and A — and if our calculations are right, this charming little space is nestled right in the middle of it. View the $120/night listing here.



From the exposed brick walls to the movie projector, we’re pretty sure this apartment couldn’t get any cooler. View the $135/night listing here.

Financial District



Floor to ceiling windows and an amazing view of the new World Trade Center? We dig it. Get all the details for the $169/night listing here.

Which listing is your favorite? 

If you have a listing of your own, feel free to add it in the comments!

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