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One of our favorite parts about our search engine is how it’s completely customizable. No matter what type of traveler you are, alltherooms has options to sift through thousands of hotels, home stays, hostels and more — and find the perfect space based on exactly what you need. Wifi? You got it. Want a room with a view? Done. You name it, we’ll find it for you. 

Of course, we love when our users find awesome ways to use alltherooms so our database works for their specific needs. We just received a rave review and write-up in The Luxury Traveler’s Guide; read our excerpt to find out how to find the best luxury accommodations…

We’re a little obsessed. Find this gem on Airbnb via alltherooms at bit.ly/atr_luxuryguide

AllTheRooms is an extraordinary resource for luxury travelers as well as people who might be watching their budgets. The platform keeps growing on a daily basis and it is now the world’s largest accommodation search engine, with more than six million accommodations – every room, everywhere, all over the world.

The platform offers an incredibly comprehensive live database of accommodations, ranging from hotels to flats, vacation rentals, cabins and even houseboats!

Besides the obvious advantage of having all the information you need in one location, alltherooms is also a really great place to discover and unlock the best deals, learn about new hot locations and find out more about the housing scene in any given location. Your planning will become a lot less painful and a lot less time consuming.

Want to stay in this space? Click the photo to view the full listing.

One of the most exciting things about the entire platform is the fact that it allows users to easily visualize ALL of the different alternatives. For example, I recently had the chance to use the service to find a place to stay in New York City (alltherooms.com/nyc).

Check out the listing for this Soho penthouse at bit.ly/atr_luxuryguide2

New York is one of the largest and busiest cities in the world, so I figured it’d be a really great opportunity to test its potential and reliability. As soon as you land on the homepage, you’ll discover a very intelligible, clean-cut and easy-to-understand interface. All you need to do is to answer a simple question:

“Where would you like to go?”

Not long after I typed “New York City” in the search box, I was greeted by 10,239 properties and accommodations currently available in the city! This means that the service isn’t just telling you which hotels/accommodations exist, but it is specifically focusing on the accommodations that are actually available, so you can proceed to book immediately. This particular feature of the website is great, because it will significantly speed up the booking/selection process and eliminate loads of guesswork.


The results are neatly organized and extremely easy to navigate as they originally come out, but if you are looking for even greater control and flexibility, you have the option to refine the search parameter to match your exact criteria and needs. It is possible to select specific property types (hotels, hostels, apartments and more) as well as arrange your search by price and even select a price range (for instance, you could choose to only look for luxury accommodations between $300 and $5,000 a night).


Click the image for the full listing on this beautiful space.

Whether you are looking for high-end stays or any other type of deal, searching for an accommodation via alltherooms will definitely be a seamless experience and a great way to start any trip. I highly recommend it and will probably never use another site again – why, when alltherooms.com, actually has all of the rooms.

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AllTheRooms is the largest and most complete accommodation search engine with over 13 million options worldwide. Browse our comprehensive list and customize it to your preferences to find your sweet spot. From a hammock in the Caribbean to a 5-star hotel in Hong Kong, we’ve got it all.

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