AllTheRooms becomes the first accommodations aggregator site to provide CouchSurfing listings – Featured on PrWeb

At the alltherooms offices, we’re really excited that we’ve introduced Couchsurfing listings into our search engine. With more than six million listings on our site, we’re still the largest accommodation search engine in the world, and we think that’s a little something to brag about. 

The savvy millennial traveler checks 10 different accommodations websites on average before booking travel plans. Woah. That’s a lot of work. 

We’ve set out to list every single “room” in the world — from a hammock in Jamaica to a luxury penthouse in Manhattan, all on one easy-to-use platform. With the addition of listings to our platform, we’re the only accommodations aggregator in the world to list free CouchSurfing listings right alongside traditional hotel listings and Airbnbs. Get all the details: 


AllTheRooms Becomes First Accommodations Aggregator Site to Provide CouchSurfing Listings

World’s largest accommodations search engine AllTheRooms sets out to list every single available room in the world – from luxury to low-budget.

NEW YORK (PRWEB)–July 23, 2015–AllTheRooms today announced that it has become the first accommodations search engine to provide its users with access to CouchSurfing. The company provides listings from over a hundred booking websites—listing the most highly-coveted luxurious vacation rentals right alongside roomshares and camping sites.

Founded in early 2014 by former Travelocity executive William Beckler and former Morgan Stanley banker Joseph DiTomaso, AllTheRooms is a startup with a concrete goal—to list every single available room in the world.

“We believe that the travel industry is broken,” said AllTheRooms co-founder William Beckler. “Rather than giving customers what they are looking for, most accommodations search sites think in terms of maximum profit per visitor. Instead of showing the user every available option, they show only the options that make them the most profit—drastically slowing down the already stressful booking process.”

According to AllTheRooms’ market research, today’s savvy traveler visits more than a dozen different sites before finding their ideal accommodations. They often first visit traditional hotel listings sites, then roomshare sites like Airbnb and CouchSurfing, and then discount offer sites like Hotwire and Groupon. AllTheRooms aggregates all of these options into one portal, and presents them to its users in an easy-to-use format.

Founded in 2004, CouchSurfing was the original homesharing website, with 100% free listings. It paved the way for the rise of Airbnb and other popular apartment sharing sites.

“When you stay in a home rather than in a hotel, you can connect with your destination on a deeper level, and see it through the eyes of those who live there. That’s why we’re so excited to now provide our users with CouchSurfing listings,” said Joseph DiTomaso, co-founder of AllTheRooms.

“Sometimes you need to book a hotel in a hurry, but other times you seek a more connected experience, where you truly get to know a place,” said Mara Kofoed, AllTheRooms customer and the blogger behind A Blog about Love. She applied this philosophy to her European honeymoon, where she used AllTheRooms to book an Airbnb apartment in Brussels, a hotel in Paris, and a homeshare via Couchsurfing in Vienna.

“Looking back, the diverse accommodations options we chose at each city made our stay so much more memorable. It’s unbelievable how much your accommodations can affect your travel experience,” said Kofoed.

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