AllTheRooms Compares Hotels With Alternatives Like Airbnb — Featured on Lifehacker

Lifehacker curates tips, tricks, and technology for living better in the digital age — so it’s pretty cool that they just discovered our search engine. Check out their review:  


We’ve praised hotel alternatives like Airbnb. But regular ol’ hotels are still a solid lodging option. Before booking a potentially cheaper alternative for your trip, it’s smart to compare prices with traditional hotel rooms nearby. AllTheRooms makes it easy to do this in one spot.

It works like any other hotel search tool, except that it includes those alternatives, like VRBO and even Couchsurfing. You plug in your dates and city, and the site compiles a big list that you can easily filter by provider, room type, reviews, and so on.

Again, it’s pretty straightforward, like any other tool. But instead of looking for cheap Airbnb rentals and then comparing your results to average hotel prices in the area, you’ve got everything in one place.

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