ATR’s Take on “HomeAway, a Home Rental Service, Mocks the Competition”

In “HomeAway, a Home Rental Service, Mocks the Competition,” published Feb. 14 in The New York Times, writer Martha C. White describes HomeAway’s new ad campaign, which features the tagline “It’s your vacation, why share it?” The article mentions HomeAway’s chief rival, Airbnb, and talks about how the new ad campaign positions HomeAway as different and preferable. The campaign also positions HomeAway as the preferred option over hotels. Our take? AllTheRooms loves HomeAway, Airbnb, hotels…and more! Each addresses a different segment of the traveler market. HomeAway’s attention-getting campaign makes it clear which section of the market it serves. In our experience, though, most travelers want options; many are happy to share a property or explore a unique or new-to-them experience. Still others want to book a place only after they know the range and types of properties available in hot spots like Paris and less-traveled but worth-the-trip places like Portland. The savviest travelers don’t want to be told that it’s best to stay in a private home; they want to check out the options and decide for themselves. AllTheRooms makes life and travel easier for those savvy travelers by presenting every travel accommodation—including those from HomeAway, Airbnb, Expedia, TripAdvisor, Couchsurfing, and hundreds of other great travel sites worldwide. From couch to castle, we’ve got your spot! AllTheRooms trusts travelers’ taste—and lets travelers decide. Come to AllTheRooms to find your sweet spot!


AllTheRooms is the largest and most complete accommodation search engine with over 13 million options worldwide. Browse our comprehensive list and customize it to your preferences to find your sweet spot. From a hammock in the Caribbean to a 5-star hotel in Hong Kong, we’ve got it all.

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