The 8 Best Websites for Home Exchanges

Like the idea of skipping hotel fees and having the entire family stay in a house while vacationing in Barcelona while someone is looking after your home in the States? Home exchanges are the epitome of the sharing economy, and while the concept dates back the the 50’s the 21st century has brought it online. Staying for free in a foreign land while having someone house-sit for you, seems like a win-win. Here are our top websites for home swapping:


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home” Photo by Timothy Brown


  1. HomeExchange

Sign up for an annual membership and browse their online, non-commercial marketplace for homestays. You vacation in their home while they’re vacationing in yours, it’s as simple as that.



  1. Home For Exchange

Home-swappers are able to search via “Collections” on this site. So whether you’re a traveling family, looking to stay in an eco-home, traveling with a pet, or even hosting on your yacht, you are able to exchange your home for some low-cost travel.


free travel, cheap travel, home exchange
Bali Beach House” by Jesse Wagstaff


  1. Nightswapping

Opening the opportunity to open up a single room or the entire home, hosts on Nightswapping earn travel credits to then exchange for night stays later on. Plus, insurance is included for all stays arranged via the platform.



  1. SwapAndSurf

Home exchanges for surfers. Through their community-oriented platform, surfers from all over the world can house-swap with other surfers (including sharing boards and even cars), host one another, or just share tips and connect with other members.



  1. Stay4Free

The name says it all: a home exchange platform where two different families from all parts of the world swap homes. House exchange success is guaranteed through this site, so not being able to find a home to trade with is not an issue.


  1.  Trusted Housesitters

Trusted Housesitters solves the problem of trying to get your neighbor to feed your dog and take him for walks while you’re on vacation. In timeframes that range from a single weekend to an entire year, petsitters can stay for free in exchange for caring for pets.





home exchanges, free travel, cheap travel
Abalone Beach House” by Jacques


  1. Nomador

Housesitters can connect with people who are going on a vacation to stay for free in their place while they’re away, easy as that! The platform is also great for creating a network that can lead to new housesitting opportunities.



  1. Trampolinn

Trampolinn takes home exchanges to the next level with an innovative point system. Earn points by hosting members and exchange them for free stays on your own trips. Plus, you get to try it out with free points when you first sign up.



Have you ever done a home exchange or hosted a traveler via one a home exchange site? Share this post and leave your reply in the comments below!



The 8 Best Websites for Home Exchanges Here are our top websites for home swapping. Travel.
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