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Here at AllTheRooms, we’re all about showing you every single option to spend the night in every city on the planet. Tired of having a similar hotel experience on every trip? We searched couch to castle to find the best websites for unique places to stay.


unique places to stay, stay in a lighthouse
Lighthouse” by Alexander Boden


  1. Sleep in a lighthouse in Croatia

Skip the newly built hotel to stay in a lighthouse that’s over 100 years old. With locations all along the coast, staying in a lighthouse via Lighthouses of Croatia is a beautiful way to experience the Croatian coast with this unique place to stay.


  1. Stay at a monastery in Italy

Want to break away from the typical tourist itinerary in Italy? Check out Monastery Stays for an authentic Italian experience. Learn Italian history by sleeping in some of the country’s most beautiful monasteries and covenants.


unique places to stay, rent a private island
Pulau Rawa” by Phalinn Ooi


  1.  Rent a private island for under $500

Yes, you read that correctly. Private Islands Online sells and rents private islands all over the world and you can filter by price; including a large selection of private islands for under $500 a night.


  1. Go glamping in Europe

Glamping, or “Glamorous Camping” is the newest accommodations trend. For renting a luxurious treehouse or a lavish tent, Canopy and Stars has the best selection across Europe. Bonus: each of their unique places to stay support sustainable tourism all over Europe.


  1. Stay on a farm in the U.S.

Traveling to and around the United States, the typical places to stay are hotels in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and other large cities. Farm Stay U.S. gives travelers a unique experience that is a complete 180 from a touristy city, and turns accommodations into a learning opportunity.


Which one of these unique places to stay would you like to spend a night in? Let us know in the comments below. Share this post and remember, tent to penthouse, you’ll find it on AllTheRooms.

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  1. I’m glad I came across this page as I am always looking for new, quirky places to stay with my husband. I like to write about the places we visit and recently, we drove to Birmingham for a 2 night stay at Staying Cool – The Rotunda. They are incredible stylish serviced apartments in the heart of Birmingham and overlook the whole of the the town. They’re a bit bizarre as the rooms are curved to suit the shape of the building, and you can see for miles and miles across the skyline. What’s more, you can even open the balcony door at night and listen to the hustle and bustle of the city below. Would highly recommend checking them out!