Focus on Travel News: Is Pokemon Go a new trend in travel?

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Pokémon Go has kept players rapt since it launched on July 6. The virtual gaming phenomenon that sends fans into the streets to hunt for Pokémon is taking over the world.

More than half the 500 millennial travelers said that they will choose their next holiday location because it’s a Pokestop hotspot.

According to a survey by booking site, hotel searches for Sokcho, Korea were up by 95% year-on-year between July 10 and July 19 – a surge of interest linked to the high concentration of Pokestops in the city.


pokemon go travel


Other cities enjoying a Poke-related influx include New York, London, Tokyo and LA. Some determined gamers are even prepared to travel as far as the Arctic Circle, Australian Outback and Mount Everest in a bid to fill up their Pokedex.

Because the game encourages players to basically become really good tourists – scooping out different sites – some people say they’re seeing more of a destination, and their own cities, than they perhaps would have done before.

Some reports are saying over 100 million people have downloaded the game and, as of this writing, it’s still the top-grossing app for iOS.

For travelers seeking to score some out-of-town Pokémon with the popular Pokémon Go game, the search engine has added a PokéView filter.


pokemon go travel


Though the Pokémon critters tend to move around, using the filter during a room search shows the number of Pokémon within a radius of about 500 feet at the time of the search, specifying the type and number of Pokémon in that range. The website, which aims to function like the Google of accommodations searches, compiling all rooms available in a location from Couchsurfing and Airbnb accommodations to hotels and houseboats, also notes the proximity of stationary Poke “gyms” and “Poké stops,” places where players may spend more time.





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