AllTheRooms Approved: Mariner Guesthouse, a getaway near Cape Town, South Africa

Simon’s Town, False Bay in South Africa is a quiet getaway from the frenetic pace and energy of Cape Town. Situated on the eastern side of the Cape Peninsula it’s an ideal spot for nature lovers. With large swells hitting the rocks, plenty of beaches, a vibrant terrain and a sleepy, small town vibe; it’s the perfect place to escape for a slower pace. Many celebrities come to Simon’s Town to get some R&R and enjoy what the coastal town has to offer.

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While there are many cozy spots travelers can choose from, there is only one that provides a luxury experience while also being environmentally and socially responsible, the Mariner Guesthouse. In our book, this modern accommodation takes the prize for the best place to stay in the area. It’s 4-star grading and high-quality facilities are only part of the draw for staying here — it also boasts picturesque views and easy access to many of the eastern Cape’s main attractions.


Crisp, clean and inviting are the first things that come to mind when you step into the house. The entrance is partially outdoors and allows the ocean air to swirl around you and instantly transport you to “vacation” mode. Once you are settled in your room (one of eight total), open your window to your balcony and immediately take a in the view of False Bay. The bright and airy room decor is a perfectly blended mixture of beach elements and stylish, modern touches.




For your complimentary breakfast, enjoy a home cooked menu with ingredients straight from the garden. You can cozy up on the terrace with a glass of wine or sherry or sit in the main guest area to read. The staff is attentive, warm and knowledgeable. The owners of Mariner Guesthouse, Lorenda and Gerdie Landman, are farmers in the Eastern Cape, and daughter Liesel, manages the grounds. Liesel balances taking her daughter to ballet, mingling with guests and making sure the day to day runs without a hitch. She believes that the owner-involvement and dynamic staff make the experience of staying at the house worthwhile. From our time there, we couldn’t agree more. It’s clear that they all have a passion for creating a memorable experience.

In the summer months, guests can take advantage of the grill in the downstairs area and have a famous, South African “braai,” while also playing darts. The house is also conveniently within walking distance of Boulders Beach and the town center, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to stay active.




Designed with sustainability in mind, it’s north facing position and large glass windows allow for natural light to be the main source of lighting. While they do have air conditioning and heating, guests are asked to use those resources sparingly.  They also have solar geysers to deliver hot water during the cooler months. The amenities are water-based, 100% bio-degradable, free of phosphates and have not been tested on animals.

Socially conscious efforts are also important for the owners at the Mariner House. They frequently donate to local organizations and are involved with wildlife conservation and community improvement projects such as the, Living Hope Community Centre and Fish Hoek Elder Care Centres.

They also are committed to staff development and training and make it a priority. From computer classes to hospitality management, the owners want the staff to feel like part of the family.


The Mariner Guesthouse in Cape Town certainly gets our AllTheRooms stamp of approval — we had a pleasure staying in their space. For more details or to book your own stay, check out their listing.

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