Best Websites for RV Rentals

Wheels up! Why change hotels every night as you travel when you can bring your accommodations with you? The world is your oyster when you travel by RV. That’s why we found the 6 best websites for RV rentals all over the world.


  1. Campanda

Covering the United States, Australia, and Europe, Campada has an inventory of 26,000 vehicles for travelers to choose from. Bonus, while they are a peer-to-peer platform, they also have a best price guarantee on their rentals.


  1. Yescapa

Previously, Yescapa is a motorhome rental platform that connects owners to renters. They have recently expanded across Europe and have an easy four-step process for renting out your camper van.


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  1. RVshare

A peer-to-peer RV share platform, RVshare offers a unique trip planner for travelers. The website is based in the United States and offers an entire blog of RV tips, suggestions, and checklists.


  1. Camplify

Perfect for the Australian traveler, Camplify is known as the “Airbnb for Caravans”. They even offer a community membership when you sign up, so travelers can chat and meet other travelers.


RV rentals, rent an RV
“Enjoying a long autumnal weekend in Dyllis (our caravan) in and around Sandringham in Norfolk” by Tim Regan


  1. MyCaravan

An Australian peer-to-peer platform, travelers can travel inexpensively on the road while caravan-owners can cut the cost of ownership by renting it out when they’re not using it. It’s a win-win.



With starting points in New Zealand, Germany, and Australia, SHAREaCAMPER makes for a perfect road trip. Bonus: the site makes it easy to connect with the owner for local knowledge.


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Pro-Tip: Take care of the RV as if were your own home. Before you return it, clean it with a pressure washer, and make it neat for the next guest!

Are you an RV traveler? Where is your favorite place to stop? Share with us in the comments below?



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