A Countryside Paradise in Bogota on a Budget

4 country homes around Bogota that will provide you with a weekend paradise without breaking the bank.


We love Bogota. A fast city filled with an international culture and truly something for everyone. We also love taking a weekend to relax and unwind, and in the spirit of living in Colombia, we love doing it by going to a country home, or “finca”.

A weekend getaway to a countryside paradise doesn’t have to cost you your entire month’s budget. That’s why we at AllTheRooms.com searched for the top user-rated country homes and cabins around the greater Bogota area for under $75 USD a night for two guests.


Stay in a log cabin in La Calera

Itching for a weekend getaway for two? Check out this cozy log cabin on the hillside that will allow you to disconnect, take a siesta in a hammock, and even spend some time in the garden! Ahh, the simple life. We love it.

fincas in bogota   fincas in bogota

Find it here for $37 a night: Linda cabaña in La Calera


Relax in a country house in Guasca

Ditch the constantly honking horns and smog for nature views and in-room fireplaces. Best idea you’ve always thought of but have yet to complete since you’ve arrived in Bogota? Yes. We love this country house near the town of Guasca.

finca bogota

Find it here for $55 a night: La Trucha Muisca


Sleep in a treehouse in La Calera

A “treehouse” cabin in the mountains, this place is perfect for a weekend getaway. Complete with beautiful views, romantic packages, and a picnic area, we love this cabin in a tree.

fincas in bogota   fincas in bogota

Find it here for $73 a night: Cabaña en La Calera


Unplug in luxury on a budget

Balconies, gardens, and mountain views? We’ll take it! This cozy countryside hotel will make you want to permanently move to a finca.

fincas in bogota   fincas in bogota

Find it here for $60 a night: Hotel Rincón de la Montaña


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