8 Reasons to Get Off the Mainland

Leave your passport and your worries on the mainland with a Hawaiian getaway. As the 50th state, Hawaii certainly feels like another country, and quite a few Americans are looking for just that. In case you need a reason (or two) to escape the continental U.S. and book your next vacation, we have you covered. (And hey Alaska – it’s getting cold up there!)

1. The Election

Need we say more? Once you’ve cast your ballot, book your ticket and read up on our favorite things to do on each island.

2. Winter is Coming

We all love a white Christmas, but come February, you’re going to wish you could throw on a swimsuit, grab a cold beer, and sit on a beach…in 80 degree weather.

3. Hawaiian Culture

Learn to hula. Go to a luau. Tour the Dole Pineapple plantation. Watch a volcano erupt (stand back, please). Hawaii offers up incredible cultural experiences unique to the state.

4. Hawaii’s Food

No, not SPAM. From poi to pig roasts, Hawaii offers up some truly unique dishes. We can’t get enough poké and fresh battered fish tacos.

5. Hawaii’s Beaches

Black. Pink. White. Believe it or not, those are all colors of Hawaiian beaches, making the island perfect for the beachgoer that likes to switch things up. You won’t find beaches like this on the mainland. Do it for the Instagram.

6. Your Job

Did you know that there’s no WiFi in the state of Hawaii? Okay, that’s not true (you’ll be able to Instagram to your heart’s content). But a Hawaiian getaway is a great reason to turn off your email notifications and really enjoy that PTO.

7. Maui is Best Island in the World

For 20 years running, Conde Nast Traveler has named Maui the best island in the world – and it’s right in America’s backyard. Whale watch, hike, snorkel, horseback ride, or sit on the beach and do nothing on this world-class island.

8. You Deserve It

#LetHawaiiHappen. Whatever your reason for escaping the mainland, you deserve the vacation of a lifetime.

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