Last minute NYE Getaways

The year is coming to an end. It’s time to plan your 2016 exit, in style.

With all the holiday madness, you may have overlooked one important detail: where to stay for New Year’s.

While there are countless places to ring in 2017, if you’re looking in some of the top NYE destinations, accommodation prices are skyrocketing.

No worries because we have you (and your budget) covered.

Here are 7 last minute NYE getaways in the best cities to ring in the New Year:

1. New York City

last minute NYE getaways

Located within 3 blocks of Times Square, the lavish Row NYC Hotel is the perfect place to spend your New York New Year’s Eve without overwhelming your wallet. Each room comes with an iPod dock station and beautiful city views—both to get you in the party mood. The best part: the blackout curtains, which will undoubtedly come in handy for the post-celebration recovery on New Year’s Day.


2. San Francisco

last minute NYE getaways

With the accessibility of public transportation in the Bay Area, it’s not everyday that you can justify renting a hotel room in the heart of San Francisco. But, 2016 has been a rough year, and you deserve it! Bask in the lush ambience of one of the best-designed boutique hotels in downtown San Francisco—Kimpton Sir Francis Drake. Don’t forget to catch the 360-degree view of the city at the renowned Starlight Room on the top floor.


3. New Orleans

last minute NYE getaways

The Hilton on St. Charles Ave has done well to maintain the New Orleans charm and even better to be located minutes away from the infamous Bourbon St. Keep the chaos outside and relax in style—down comforters, gourmet restaurants and a cozy spa tub. Or, bring the party inside; it’s really up to you.


4. Miami

last minute NYE getaways

Miami is a well-known party destination, and it only gets better for New Year’s Eve. The Stiles Hotel in South Beach Miami is surrounded by some of the best nightlife in the area. Plus, it’s just a couple blocks from the beach, giving you plenty of choices for your New Year’s celebration. The hotel features 2 pools, a spa tub, and an onsite restaurant, providing plenty of options for how to relax the next day.


5. Kansas City

last minute NYE getaways

It’s difficult to explain the intense level of fun that is had in this city to those who are not from the Midwest. However, the rest of us know that Kansas City is the place to be to bring in the New Year. Step outside of the norm this year and try this downtown loft that is walking distance to every Kansas City attraction and close to every fun bar and club in the area!


6. Austin

last minute NYE getaways

Oh, Austin. You are to blame for all the unexpected good times, wild fun and amazing memories of parties past. New Year’s Eve in Austin will be no exception. All of the excitement will take place on 6th Street, and that’s exactly where you’ll be in this beautiful, sunny, one bedroom apartment in the heart of downtown. It’s not a hotel, but it’ll do!


7. Las Vegas

last minute NYE getaways

How could the party capital of the America not make the list? Every night in Las Vegas is a night to remember (or forget), but New Year’s Eve is just a bit more special. You will have countless options of parties and celebrations right on the Las Vegas Strip. Excalibur Hotel and Casino features all the necessary amenities for an exceptional weekend, and, if that isn’t a good enough reason to opt for this hotel, it’s also home to the famous Thunder Down Under male strip show.


No matter where you plan to spend the New Year, we have all the rooms within your budget near some of the most popular NYE destinations! Find your sweet spot.

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  1. I’d enjoy ANY of these places! Alas, we’re just staying at home and watching movies. It’s cheaper and I don’t have to deal with strangers.

  2. So many choices so little time. I would rather choose warm over closer so California or Texas. All the lobbies are gorgeous. I can only imagine the overall experience these hotels would provide. I hope to visit NYC in 2017 so maybe I can look up this hotel as an option.

  3. Wow that apartment in Austin looks beyond gorgeous! I love the architecture of that building! I’ve heard of the Kimpton in San Francisco, apparently it’s amazing there!

  4. These all seems like super expensive destinations for a last minute trip..with the exception of Kansas City.I’m from a midwesterner so I totally agree that sometimes Kansas City is a bit looked over! Happy New Year!