6 Holiday Gift Ideas for the Picky Traveler


Believe it or not, the holidays are right around the corner, which means buying gifts, gifts and more gifts. Fortunately, we bet that most of the folks on your list don’t require much effort.  Mom and Dad are going to love you no matter what tie or scarf you give them. For most others, a gift certificate here, a fancy kitchen gadget there is an easy gesture to show them you care.

But what do you get that one friend or family member whose passion for travel and particular hobbies make them especially difficult to shop for?

As luck would have it, we just happen to have a holiday gift guide for the hobbyist and traveler. Check out our holiday gift guide for the picky traveler, from the photo enthusiast to the foodie.


The Photographer


Mobile phones have become so advanced that the quality of pictures taken is considered to be really pretty amazing all by itself, but not so for that adventurous photo junky on your list. Big fancy camera equipment is one gift option, but if your friend also likes to travel, something small and compact may be a better choice. Moment Lens offers really cool, high-quality lenses that attach to the mobile phone. These lenses allow you to take big, epic pictures or tight and close pictures.  For that friend that who likes all things retro, check out the Lomo ‘Instant Sanremo.  This conveniently sized instant camera looks super chic and takes fabulous pictures.  You can also buy special lenses for it.


The Artist


How about a museum tour?  Too mundane for your wild and crazy, art-loving sister? Don’t worry — this museum experience will not disappoint. Museum Hack promises an “alternative spin” on the traditional museum tour for just about any occasion. The best part is that the tours are offered in fabulous cities like NYC and SF so an excuse for travel can also be involved.

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The Foodie


Maybe your culinary-inclined husband has always had the hankering to visit Greece or maybe you are visiting family in Ohio for the holidays and need an escape from the in-laws for an afternoon.  Whatever the case, an Urban Adventures tour gift card will fit the bill. Urban Adventures tours are locally run and many of them involve food, tastings and more (think: ending your tour at a bar). Choose from all kinds of adventures such as spending the day hiking along the towering mountains and deep gorges of Crete while partaking in delightful regional cuisine tastings.  Or even driving to Cincinnati to explore the famous Findlay Market.

The Wellness Enthusiast


Your fitness freak of a boss probably has every exercise and health gadget known to man.  Fortunately, Fitbit always has something new and compelling to offer.  Is she the kind of person who doesn’t swim or participate in aquatic exercises because her tracking device isn’t waterproof? She can fret no more thanks to the swim-proof Flex 2.  Maybe you’re tired of looking at the same old, boring black band on your cubicle mate’s wrist day after day.  Fitbit offers their devices in all kinds of great colors to match every outfit.

For those looking to splurge, Yogascapes also offers gift cards for their adventures around the world.

The Fashionista


So how is your niece, the beauty and makeup guru, expected to pack light when traveling to far and exotic lands?  The Glossier kit, that’s how.  This neat little compact kit has everything you need to look good while exploring the great beyond. It includes Milky Jelly Cleanser, Priming Moisturizer, Balm Dotcom, and Perfecting Skin Tint in a shade perfect for your gorgeous world traveler.

The Techie


This hotspot provider isn’t another dance club in Paris. Skyroam is a simple and convenient way for the tech enthusiast in your life to stay connected while globe-trotting.  Think of it as the solution to attempting to find random coffee shops whenever you need to check your email while abroad. They offer unlimited data; no hassles, extra charges or zones and tiers; and, most importantly, Skyroam is secure. Coverage includes the Americas, Europe, Asia, South Pacific, the Middle East and Africa.

Redefine “work from anywhere” with Skyroam global WiFi!

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