Women’s March on Washington 2017 – Packing List

Headed to the Women’s March on Washington in January?

If you’ve ever been to Washington D.C. in the winter then you know all about the bone chilling winter temperatures that await you. And if you haven’t, you’ll soon find out that winter on the east coast is nothing to take lightly. The march will be no exception.

2017 presidential inauguration

Here’s a packing list for your trip to Washington D.C:



Washington D.C. in January is c-o-l-d. Dress warmly and wear layers, preferably in items that can double as rally items!


Down/Winter Coat

Insulated Rain Jacket



Wool socks


Hat or Pussy Hat

Comfortable walking shoes

Bad Hombre and/or Nasty Woman T-shirt 


Other Necessities

Everything else you’ll need to enjoy this historic day on Capitol Hill:


Cell phone and portable charger

Birth Certificate (you never know)

Don’t forget your sign (sans the picket portion)



It’s going to be a long day with long lines and expensive food options. Stay prepared with:

Packed Lunch




No-go items

There is, of course, a list of items that are not allowed at the Inauguration and probably a good idea to keep away from the Women’s March: selfie sticks, drones and guns are just a few of the banned items. There might be security checkpoints, so save yourself some time and leave these items behind.


If you’re looking for more information on the weekend of the Inauguration and the March, check out our 2017 Presidential Inauguration Weekend Guide.


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    1. Hi Sarah, they are on the list of prohibited items unfortunately. There’s a link to a full list of all prohibited items under the “No-go Items” section of the post.