How to be an Entrepreneur – Joe DiTomaso, CEO of AllTheRooms

As the second part of the entrepreneurial series, we sat down with AllTheRooms’ co-founder and CEO, Joe DiTomaso. We sat down with Joe this week to hear his advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

how to be an entrepreneur

Can you be an entrepreneur without money? 

Yes. I am sure if you look it up, I think the definition of being an entrepreneur is that you don’t have money. I think it’s a requirement actually, maybe even a right of passage, that you don’t have any money.

Can you be an entrepreneur without an idea?

This one is little tougher.  You can be an entrepreneur without an idea, the challenge is that you need an idea, it doesn’t have to be your idea, but you need something. This is the basis and backbone for your company.  If you don’t have your own idea or something that you are passionate about, then you need to be sure that you are at least passionate about whatever idea you are working on.  If you are not passionate or believe in the idea, then it will make the road to success that much more challenging. 


Who is an entrepreneur who changed the business world? 

I think the most powerful one that comes to mind is Steven Jobs.  He not only changed the perception and maybe even defined the concept of what it means to be an entrepreneur, but he changed the tech, business, and consumer landscape for decades to come.  


Are all entrepreneurs creative?

No, not necessarily.  I would probably say the best and most successful entrepreneurs are the ones that are more methodical and maybe a little less creative.  There is always a nice mix required for a company – the hacker and the hustler.  Every successful company needs at least two people, one of each provides a greater chance of success.


Do you think entrepreneurs are born or made?

I actually think it is a little of both.  I have always had a natural inclination towards starting and running my own company, so there was always some raw natural desire there, but along the way there were and are a lot of lessoned learned, things that I would have never known had I not made mistakes, some bigger than others.  It is definitely a process.  An entrepreneur is not a static thing, it is not a noun, it is a verb, you are a process, constantly in motion, always headed toward something better and greater than your individual self.

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