Your guide to Glastonbury Festival 2017

The UK’s biggest festival is back with a bang this summer. This year’s Glastonbury Festival 2017 will feature over 3,000 acts, spread across a whopping 100 stages. It is one of the world’s best festivals – and is not to be missed!

AllTheRooms has put together a guide for this year’s Glasto Fest:

A guide to Glastonbury Festival 2017
Photo by neal whitehouse piper

Where is Glastonbury Festival?

Glastonbury Festival 2017 takes place in the UK, in Worthy Farm in Somerset.

When is Glasto?

The music takes place from Friday June 23rd – Sunday June 25th 2017, however the party really starts on Wednesday 21st when the festival site opens. We recommend you arrive early to get warmed-up!

Where to stay

A guide to Glastonbury Festival 2017
Photo by neurotic_buddha

While Bristol airport is the nearest place to fly to, London is also only 2-3 hours away by car – so why not spend a few days in one of the world’s best cities before or after your festival experience? AllTheRooms has every option you could possibly want, from your own cool London apartment, through to a free place to crash on someone’s couch.

Explore all places to stay in London

Meanwhile, if you want to stay nearer to the festival site, we have all the options for you.

Find all the places to stay near to the Glastonbury Festival site


Glastonbury 2017 line-up

So far only two acts have been confirmed for the Glastonbury 2017 line-up (Radio Head and Foo Fighters), however the British media was sent into a frenzy when a leaked version of the line-up appeared online.

Of course, the festival organizers were quick to say that the leak was a ‘fake’, so we will have to wait until the end of March when the line-up is officially released.

The line-up that appeared online included the likes of  Ed Sheeran, Justice, Solange,  The Macabees, Royal Blood, Cage the Elephant, The Hives, Kaiser Chiefs, Stormzy, Crystal Castles and The XX.

A guide to Glastonbury Festival 2017
Photo by neal whitehouse piper

Glastonbury tickets


Glastonbury Festival 2017 ticket price: $290 + FEES

Tickets include entry to the festival and a five-night camping pass.


The nearest places to fly to are Bristol airport and all the London airports. Bristol is just a 1 hour drive from the Glasto site and London is a 2-3 hour drive, without traffic.

There is an official coach service run by National Express and if you book a space in time, you can take a coach that gets you to the festival grounds early enough for you to grab one of the first camping spots.

You can find out how to get to the festival site here.

Things to bring

A guide to Glastonbury 2017
Photo by Paul Townsend

Prepare for rain! June is a notoriously rainy month in the UK

Also prepare for sunshine too, and make sure you have sunscreen and sunglasses

A torch for the night

Portable phone charging device

A small padlock for your tent

A costume or fancy dress

Refillable water bottles

Photo identification

Pro Tips

If camping isn’t you thing, Worthy Farm also provides ‘glamping’ – with huts and tipis that have hotel-like conveniences such as private bathrooms, proper beds, mirrors and much needed privacy.

For those of you camping (i.e. the majority) you know the drill. Bring plenty of things to prepare for the rain. Bring rubber boots, a rain jacket, umbrella and clothes that you don’t mind getting ruined in the mud.

Always plan a meeting place with friends. Phone coverage can be bad at the festival.

While there are free mobile phone charging stations at the festival they can get really busy. If you see a free spot while you are walking past, seize the opportunity to give your phone some juice.



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