The Raise Part 2: Investor Turn-Ons

Contrary to my last post, Investor Turn-Offs, which talked about which things to avoid when pitching to investors, there are also some things that should come through.

What are angel investors looking for?

angel investor tips


Characteristics of the entrepreneur

What characteristics shine through your presentation and answers? These are the top characteristics angels look for:

Integrity, passion, startup experience, domain expertise, functional skills, leadership, commitment, visions, pragmatism, flexibility, and control.


Characteristics of the venture

The same as above but this time applied to your startup. What are characteristics of your startup can you portray in your pitch?

Team, business model, traction, customer acquisition, scalability, defensibility, capital efficiency, churn, time to breakeven, and exit strategy


Characteristics of the market

This demonstrates your knowledge and a clear explanation of the market you’re entering. Since this is what you’re getting into, you need to know the numbers and the trends:

Size, growth, concentration, geography, demographics, competition, channels, regulatory environment, technological developments, and adjacent markets


Characteristics of the deal

This should be crystal clear in your presentation. Your angel investors know what they’re doing here and they’ll want you, as a potential investment, to know the exact numbers of what it is you’re offering:

Valuation, size of raise, amount of investment, form of investment, liquidation waterfall, option pool, board composition, anti-dilution rights, protective provisions, and founder vesting


Joseph DiTomaso is the co-founder and CEO of AllTheRooms.

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