The Raise Part 3: An Investor’s Checklist

Before you go into a pitch, it’s important to know exactly what an investor will be looking out for. Here is my checklist for everything to include.

investor check list

Angel Investor’s Checklist

__ Does a team even exist?

__ Do I hear a consistent story?

__ Am I excited about how they work together?

__ Are the founders great leaders?

__ Is the team focused on building a great product?

__ Do they have technical and marketing competence?

__ Is the team fully invested in knowing the financial mechanics of the business?

__ Is the team focused on execution?

__ How strong is the team?

__ Is there a capacity for resolving conflicts?


VC Investor’s Checklist

__ Bookings vs. Revenue

__ Recurring Revenue vs. Total Revenue

__ Gross Profit

__ Total Contract Value (TCV) vs. Annual Contract Value (ACV)

__ LTV (Life Time Value)

__ Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) vs. Revenue

__ Unearned or Deferred Revenue … and Billings

__ CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) … Blended vs. Paid, Organic vs. Inorganic

__ Active Users

__ Month-on-month (MoM) growth

__ Churn

__ Burn Rate

__ Downloads



Joseph DiTomaso is the co-founder and CEO of AllTheRooms.

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