5 famous homes from your favorite TV series and how you can stay in similar places

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Our favorite TV characters can feel as familiar as real life friends. After all, we know all about their habits, their quirks, even their homes! Although you can’t drop in to visit these five famous TV residences, you can get a pretty good sense for how your favorite TV characters live, with 5 rentals that come very close.

1. Full House

famous houses in tv shows
Photo by Apun Hiran

In the popular 1980s sitcom Full House, Danny Tanner, his three daughters and Uncle Jesse spend a lot of time in their cozy San Francisco home, located at 1882 Girard Street – a fictional address, presumably on Alamo Square among a row of bright and colorful Victorian houses, or “Painted Ladies,” as shown in the opening credits. Exterior shots of the house are actually from 1709 Broderick Street, and interiors are built on a soundstage in Burbank.

famous houses in tv shows
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AllTheRooms Alternative: Huge 2 Bedroom Flat in Historic Victorian

But you can live like Uncle Jesse and the Full House crowd in this gorgeous San Francisco flat. Located near the intersection of Pine Street and Broderick Street, this flat in a classic Victorian house is in the same neighborhood of Lower Pacific Heights where the Tanner family lived. The area is home to great bars, restaurants, shops and parks. The Fillmore Jazz district is just minutes away and it’s a 15-minute drive to all major tourist attractions. At 1400 square feet, this flat is spacious for the area and just as homey as the Tanner household.


2. Sex and the City

famous houses in tv shows
Photo by Jessica Graves

Located in New York City, Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment actually has two locations, one interior and one exterior. The interior location is an apartment in the Upper East Side on East 73rd street. Carrie was able to afford this swanky flat as a newspaper columnist making a middle income salary because it was rent-stabilized and she only paid about $700 a month. You can find the exterior of her brownstone apartment at 66 Perry street.

famous houses in tv shows
Photo by bradleypjohnson

AllTheRooms Alternative: Modern UES Studio Apartment

Right by the East River waterfront on the Upper East Side, this quaint studio boasts a great location at a reasonable price. Comfortable, calm and brightly lit, the apartment is the perfect way to feel at home in New York City and get a taste of what it’s like to be a New Yorker. Enjoy cafes, restaurants, comedy clubs and museums in the neighborhood.


3. Friends

famous houses in tv shows
Photo by Rob Young

Just like in “Sex and the City,” the same rent control situation holds true for Monica and Rachel’s iconic apartment in “Friends.” It was Monica’s grandmother’s apartment that was rent-stabilized at $200 a month, otherwise the part-time waitress and part-time chef never could have afforded this flat in Greenwich Village. The actual building is at 90 Bedford Street, just a 6-minute walk from Carrie’s stoop, above “The Little Owl” coffee shop.

famous houses in tv shows
Photo by Rob Young

AllTheRooms Alternative: Cozy Room in West Village

This duplex boasts a great location in West Village with three stations nearby. Just like the Friends cozy, funky apartment this comfortable room rental contains a private terrace. Enjoy this apartment for its luminous bedroom and spacious roof deck.


4. Fresh Prince of Bel Air

famous houses in tv shows
Photo by Rebekah Hughes

The Bel Air mansion pictured in the intro to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is actually not in Bel Air at all, but rather in the similarly affluent Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles, a 15-minute drive away. Much like Bel Air, Brentwood also boasts celebrity residents and an exclusive atmosphere with posh boutiques and art galleries. Extravagant, gated mansions with towering hedges are common in this exclusive neighborhood.

AllTheRooms Alternative: Magnificently Modern Bel Air Estate

This magnificent Bel Air home will bring you into the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Allow yourself to be mesmerized by a stunning view of Los Angeles from the top of the hill in Bel Air. Enjoy amenities such as a pool, diving board, tennis court, piano as well as modern furnishings and decor.


5. The O.C.

famous houses in tv shows
Photo by Tywe Harrison

In this popular series, Sandy, Kirsten, Seth and Ryan live in the Crystal Cove/Pelican Hill area of lower Newport Beach. In reality, scenes of the exterior of the opulent Cohen household are all shot at At 6205 Ocean Breeze Drive, in Malibu, CA, at one of Malibu’s prestigious gated enclaves.

famous houses in tv shows
Photo by Prayitno


AllTheRooms Alternative: The Resort at Pelican Hill

This exclusive resort is also located in Pelican Hill, presenting a similar luxury experience as to what it would be like to live in the area. Enjoy an exclusive getaway with Italian Renaissance inspired architecture and panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean. With a coliseum pool, a breathtaking golf course and luxurious bungalows, this place will leave you feeling as spoiled as the Newport Beach families of the O.C.


Although you can't book a night at these five famous TV homes, you can stay in some similar places and feel just like your favorite TV characters


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