Your Guide to GenCon Gaming Convention 2017

The world’s biggest gaming conference is back with a bang! GenCon 2017, the epic four-day gaming convention, is fast approaching. Every year tens of thousands of gamers converge on Indianapolis to enjoy all things fantasy, sci-fi and adventure.

The annual event features over 500 exhibiting companies from the gaming industry, award-winning authors and artists and plenty of people in costumes. Last year’s GenCon drew in over 60,000 happy gamers.

GenCon Gaming Convention 2017
Photo by Sweet Alize

GenCon Gaming Convention 2017 Location

GenCon 2017 will take place in Indianapolis at the Indiana Convention Center.

When Is GenCon?

The event will take place August 17-20, 2017.


GenCon Gaming Convention 2017
Photo by TheMOX


Places to stay near GenCon

As the event is incredibly popular, be sure to book a place to stay fast! While there are many hotels to stay in, there are also great apartments and Airbnb options.

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Explore all the places to stay for GenCon in Indianapolis

Traveling to GenCon

GenCon Gaming Convention 2017
Photo by Eric Haines

The nearest place to fly to is Indianapolis International airport, which is about a half an hour drive from the Indianapolis Convention Center.

From there, you can take a taxi or bus into the city center.

If you are driving, you can find extensive directions on the Indianapolis Convention Center website.

GenCon Gaming Convention 2017
Photo by Sweet Alize

GenCon Gaming Convention 2017 tickets

General admission costs $120 for a four-day pass, or $75 for a single-day pass.

To buy tickets, you need to register first through the GenCon website and wait for the ticket release date in May 2017.


Gen Con Pro Tips

Join in the costume fun and buy or make an awesome costume to wear to the event

Always arrange a meeting spot with family and friends

Bring water to keep hydrated

Don’t forget the essentials: Pencils, paper, dice, and a backpack

Bring 3×5 note cards and a black marker for character name tags

Take your own food and save your money for games

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  1. Super-pro tip-
    Wear comfortable shoes, start walking now, this is a marathon not a sprint.
    Don’t forget your Meds! There are two CVS Pharmacies not faraway.