15 Things You Should Know Before Attending Shambhala Festival

Shambhala Festival 2017
Photo by Shahriar Khan


Shambhala is the festival experience that we all want. It’s the perfect blend of music, love and community, it prioritizes the festival-goers’ experience over financial gain, and revitalizes a belief in collective humanity. Shambhala Festival restores our faith in the authentic festival experience.

While Shambhala had humble beginnings, the festival has grown to a full-on production where mainstream artists and 10,000+ people come together in the middle of British Columbia’s Kootenay Mountain Range at Salmo River Ranch.


Shambhala Festival 2017
Photo by Refreshment_66


Despite its growth, Shambhala maintains its integrity by shunning corporate sponsorship in an effort to preserve the essence of electronic dance music culture and to retain the purists, who just want to dance and feel the Shambhalove. And we love them for it!

If you’re a first timer, here are 15 things you need to know about Shambhala Festival, from basic needs to getting the most out of your experience.

1. You’re coming to Shambhala to be liberated–let go and dance!

2. Let your guard down, you’d be surprised at the connection you can feel with the strangers around you.

3. The Salmo River runs through the festival grounds, so be prepared with proper footwear for the rocky, wet terrain that you’ll likely come across.

4. While it’s hot and dry during the day, it gets incredibly cold at night, so bring layers and be prepared for extreme temperature shifts!

5. Bring a bandana or some kind of face cover so you’re not inhaling dust the whole time.

6. Baby wipes are pretty much a necessity for everything from going to the bathroom to wiping the dust off your face.

7. You’ll need sunscreen (SPF 50+) for obvious reasons! 

Shambhala Festival 2017
Photo by Refreshment_66

8. Have a flashlight or headlamp to help when you’re navigating the festival grounds at night, as well as getting back to your tent.

9. Use earplugs if you want to preserve your hearing.

10. Bring ALL your camping equipment – you’d be surprised how many people forget this essential thing we call shelter.

11. Remember the extra batteries and portable chargers!

12. Floatation devices are always a good idea- there’s nothing like wading down the river in the middle of those hot August days.

13. You’ll definitely want some kind of portable water with you at all times, whether it be a mister, camelback, spray bottle, spray fan, or water bottle.

14. If you meet someone who left any these items, share some of yours. We’re all here as a community and it’s a great way to make a new friend.

15. Spread the Shambhalove. Be open. Meet people. Connect. This is exactly what Shambhala Fest is all about!

Shambhala Festival 2017

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