6 Best Hostels in Peru

There’s no doubt that Peru is one of the top destinations for backpackers. Not only because of the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site Machu Picchu, but also for its amazing gastronomy, gorgeous beaches, and incredible hikes.

With all the options of things to do and see in Peru, the last thing you’ll want is to stress over where to stay. We’re here to help you plan your trip with this list of the 6 best hostels in Peru.


1. Wild Rover Hostel, Cusco

Wild Rover Cusco

Built in the heart of Cusco, Wild Rover is a hostel that works hard to ensure that they are providing the ultimate travel experience.

Best of the hostel: Being a woman, I would say that the best part is the girls-only dorm and makeup room, but to be more inclusive, I should also mention their Irish Pub, which provides the best party in town any day of the week.

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2. Bothy Hostel, Arequipa

Bothy Hostel, Arequipa

Centrally located, Bothy is close to travel agencies, restaurants, pubs and the beautiful Plaza de Armas of Arequipa. The hostel brings a relaxing ambiance during the week and great parties on weekends. Bothy offers everything you need as a traveler.

Best of the hostel: The best of Arequipa are the volcanoes that surround the city, and the best of Bothy Hostel is the terrace that provides optimal views of everything the city has to offer.
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3.Pariwana, Lima

Pariwana Hostel, Lima

Set right in the middle of the Miraflores neighborhood, Pariwana combines the lively atmosphere of a hostel with the amazing service of a hotel: front desk service 24/7, airport shuttles, lockers, hot showers, a TV room, fully stocked kitchen and a travel agency. Whatever you need, Pariwana has it!.

Best of the hostel: Their activities and tours are, by far, the best in Peru’s capital city. I highly recommend the Old Lima Tour.


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4. Loki del Mar, Mancora

Loki del Mar, Mancora

You know when you’re on vacation and you just want to be lazy? Loki del Mar gets it. Not only is it a beautiful space, but it has all the convenient comforts that will help you relax– a beach location, late breakfast, late check out, daily cleaning services and a great restaurant and bar.

Best of the hostel: The best thing about this hostel is its 26-meter swimming pool surrounded by palm trees and lounge chairs. Need I say more?


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5. La Gringa Hostel, Huanchaco

La Gringa Hostel, Huanchaco

La Gringa is a uniquely decorated hostel that sits just in front of the beach in Huanchaco, which happens to be the best place to eat seafood in Peru. La Gringa’s stylish


decor transports you to a hippie paradise along the Peruvian Pacific Coast.

Best of the hostel: As expected, La Gringa provides the best vibes of any hostel in the city. It’s chill, relaxing and the perfect place to meet other laid back, travel folks.
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6. Alpes Huaraz Hostel, Huaraz

Alpes Huaraz, Huaraz

Named after its location in this lovely town in the middle of the Andes, Alpes Huaraz is the ideal place to stay in Huaraz. They know all you need after a long hike in the Andes is a relaxing atmosphere, pleasant views, and a really hot shower. This hostel has all of that, plus a beautiful garden to complement.

Best of the hostel: The friendly and accommodating staff that will make you feel like you’ve walked into a pricey resort, as opposed to an affordable hostel.
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