Ann Arbor Summer Festival Pro Tips

Ann Arbor Summer Festival 2017
Photo by Ann Arbor Summer Festival

With over 175 performances scheduled over four weeks, the Ann Arbor Summer Festival stands out for its variety. Street art, circus acts and comedy performances are mixed in with more traditional jazz performances. The goal of the event is to offer the full spectrum of performing arts entertainment with a community festival feel. So with all these performances spread out over four weeks, how do you make the most out of your festival experience? Here’s our guide to making it all work.

1. Choose one

You can’t have it all, so pick the event that’s most important to you and your group, and then plan around it. The lineup calendar is your friend. Check out the full Ann Arbor Festival Guide for more information on the lineup. 

2. Join the Young Professionals Club

The YP club offers ticket discounts, VIP access with opportunities to meet performers and an opportunity to meet other local young professionals interested in the performing arts. Signup is quick too. You must be 25-40 to qualify.

3. Buy tickets early

Many of the special ticket packages have deadlines for purchase. Know your deadlines if you want to save money.

Ann Arbor Summer Festival 2017
Photo by Ann Arbor Summer Festival

4. Take in the campus

The University of Michigan is one the premier academic and athletic universities in the US. Get a  feel for the layout and see if you can visit the football stadium  — which is the largest in the world.

5. Buy a campus map

This will come in handy when traveling from one event to the next.

6. Bring a bike lock if you plan on biking

Bikes are not allowed in the festival area so make sure you can lock it up safely on another part of the campus.

7. Check out the Museums

You already made the trip, so take a little time before a festival event to check out the Ann Arbor Hands On Museum, an interactive science, technology and health museum designed to be a physically engaging educational experience.

We also recommend the Ann Arbor Art Center, it’s an interesting place to visit and take in some awesome art! You can go in, relax, shop unique handmade artwork from local artists and see the current exhibition in the 117 Gallery (featuring a virtual reality experience).

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