Austin City Limits Pro Tips

Austin City Limits 2017
Photo by Unsplash

Austin City Limits is the king of all Austin festivals in a city that has been deemed the live music capital of the world. It is no wonder that ACL draws in nearly 500,000 guests from all over the country.

Between the top-tier music acts, chef-curated menu, kid festival and artisan market, it’s easy to get lost in the excitement. If you’re new to Austin City Limits, we have some pro-tips to help you navigate the scene.

1. What to bring: blankets, sealed sunscreen (no aerosol), 2 sealed 1-L water bottles, cameras without accessories

2. Not Allowed: e-cigs, vapors, aerosol, drones, umbrellas, pets, inflatable furniture, outside food/beverage, professional recording equipment

3. Book a place to stay ahead of time before you’re left with only the premium priced options.

4. Exit and reentry are allowed only 3 times per day. Plan accordingly and make sure to get scanned on your way out.

5. Yes, kids are allowed! Bring them to Austin Kiddie Limits, where you can enjoy music, arts & crafts and fun games with your little ones. Kiddie Limits runs parallel to the main festival inside Zilker Park.

Austin City Limits 2017
Photo by Austin City Limits Music Festival

6. Lockers are available for rent to secure all those belongings that you don’t want to carry with you all day long.

7. Take advantage of the free festival shuttle that runs from 10a-11p daily. Pickup is at Republic Square in downtown Austin.

8. Carry cash to avoid ATM fees on festival grounds.

9. Wear layers, comfortable shoes, and loads of sunscreen. It’s going to be hot!

10. Grab a festival guide as soon as you enter and make a tentative plan for the acts you definitely want to see. But don’t be afraid to break that plan and discover some new artists as well. Isn’t that part of the fun?

Also, check out the full Austin City Limits festival guide.

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