The 5 Best Cheap Hostels in Bangkok

Bangkok is one of the most addictive cities on the planet. The city is known as Southeast Asia’s main hub, so it is almost inevitable that you will end up passing through Thailand’s capital city. Bangkok is an assault on your senses, with the smell of incredible street food and the bustling, hectic streets.

We’ve rounded up the five best, cheap hostels for you in Bangkok.

1. The Cube Hostel

cheap hostels in bangkok
Photo by The Cube Hostel

Stay in this Japanese-inspired capsule hostel in the heart of Bangkok. With small, personalized beds featuring a private charger and a curtain you can enjoy total privacy, for a cheap price.

Book a bed at The Cube Hostel from $17 a night

2. Nangtayon at Ban Thap Chang Hostel

Photo by NangTaYon at Ban Thap Chang Hostel

This hostel is in a prime location, close to the Suvarnabhumi Airport and the Airport Rail Link Station. They offer a free evening market tour from Thursday until Sunday for their guests. Also, if you stay more than three nights you get free laundry, and complimentary mango-sticky-rice if you stay four nights!

Book a bed at Nangtayon Hostel from $12 a night

3. NapPark Hostel

cheap hostels in bangkok
Photo by NapPark Hostel

One of Bangkok’s most well-reviewed hostels is NapPark, which is in a prime location right by Koasan Road, the city’s most popular street for backpackers. It has a chilled atmosphere with comfy sofas and a huge common area that is a great place to meet new people. At only $11 a night, it really is one of the best, cheap hostels in Bangkok.

Find a bed at NapPark Hostel from $11 a night

4. The Yard Hostel

cheap hostels in bangkok
Photo by The Yard Hostel

The Yard Hostel is one of the best, cheap hostels in Bangkok. The hostel features a clean, modern design and has an enormous yard to chill out in. It is known as one of the best hostels in Bangkok for solo travelers.

Book a bed at the Yard Hostel from $16 a night

5. Good Day Hostel

cheap hostels in bangkok
Photo by Good Day Hostel

This hostel’s amazing location, right by the rail link means you can be easily connected to Bangkok’s main attractions. From here, you can take a ten-minute boat ride to the Koasan Road and enjoy watching life on the city’s busy river, as fruit sellers take to the water to sell their produce. Top tip: be sure to try the banana pancakes in the Good Day hostel cafe.

Book a room at Good Day Hostel from $14 a night


Cheap hostels Bangkok
Photo by PRONinara

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