How to find a hostel where I can work remotely

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Before you search for a hostel to satisfy your digital and nomadic needs, the first step should be to search all the available rooms out there. With some real sleuthing, it’s possible to find an Airbnb that rents out for the same price as a hostel bed (if not cheaper)!

But if your heart is set on a hostel, what is the best way to find that perfect spot to work remotely?

The primary method is to use an accommodations search engine and filter the search to hostels, and then by your basic needs.

Once that’s done, read reviews for the top hostels listed, especially the bad reviews. Negative comments by people who’ve stayed there can give you important insights as to the details of what could go wrong.

Hostel photos can be just as telling as written reviews, so check photos on the website before booking your stay. That way you can judge how comfortable looking your potential workspace might be.

Now that you’ve narrowed it down to your top preferred hostels, you’ll want to call the contact number listed on the hostels’ websites and confirm with the owners or employees themselves that this hostel is right for you. Ask any specific, important questions about your potential stay. Don’t forget to ask about the quality of the WiFi, nearby co-working spaces, in-bedroom safe lockers, and power plugs.

And while a hostel might be your top choice, remember, you’re working, and an AirBnB or vacation rental may provide better amenities for what you need. After all, being a digital nomad is not the same as being a budget backpacker. If you need to prioritize privacy and sleep, then you might just not want to risk it with a hostel stay. Find that comfortable home environment where you can maximize your productivity.

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