Places to Stay When Backpacking Europe

Places to stay when backpacking Europe
Photo by NastyaSensei Sens

Backpacking Europe is best done by hostel-hopping. Like the backpackers they shelter, hostels are usually no-frills, efficient, and affordable alternatives to the clunkier, more expensive hotel options along the road. So you’re looking for places to stay when backpacking Europe. With our preference for hostels in mind, here is what you should be looking for when choosing the hostels along your route.


Storage space and lockers

A good backpacker’s hostel provides plenty of space for travelers to securely store their belongings. This is critical for backpackers carrying huge packs full of essential supplies. A lost pack can end a trip. Make sure your hostel is ready for your stuff!


Bed comfort

Check the reviews and make sure the beds are large enough and comfortable enough to let you rest well after a long day of lugging around a 60-pound pack.


Bathroom size and quality

This is fairly self-explanatory. Showers have to work (backpacking and smelling good don’t always go together as we all know) and the general area has to be relatively clean. Remember, bathrooms are shared and get pretty unpleasant if the janitorial services aren’t on it. Check the reviews.


Staff than can speak your language

This can be critical as staff will have local knowledge you might not be able to find in a  guidebook.


Hostel-organized trips

Some hostels organize events that can be great opportunities to get to know the area. Some offer transportation to local sightseeing destinations or hikes. Take advantage.

So have your criteria ready! Know what you need as a backpacker in Europe and put the hostels on your research list though your test.

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