Is My Airbnb Ready for Business Travelers?

airbnb ready for business travelers
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Your apartment in San Francisco is all set to make its business travel Airbnb debut. Great location, tasteful decor, and a sweet view make you think your place is a winner. But there’s one piece that’s yet to be finalized. The plan is to market the apartment to business travelers stopping through for a day or two. Now you’re asking yourself: “Is my Airbnb ready for business travelers?” Here are the keys, according to Airbnb, for creating the perfect business-ready rental.

The Basics

Excellent wi-fi is critical. Business travelers need to be connected and weak wi-fi is a deal breaker. The space also must be smoke-free and any potential allergy issues need to be communicated beforehand (think dogs, cats etc).

Reviews and Response Requirements

Airbnb doesn’t let just any property enter the business traveler category. At least 60 percent of all reviews need to be five-star reviews. Response time is key as well. Business travel potential hosts need to respond to at least 90 percent of booking requests within 24 hours.


An iron, hangers and a hair dryer are all non-negotiables. Business properties need to help their guests look sharp for morning presentations.

Don’t Cancel!

Business properties must have a seven day cancellation commitment. This means that hosts cannot cancel within seven days of a scheduled stay. If they do cancel, they get a one year suspension from the business traveler category. Business travelers can’t afford last minute cancellations so be reliable and stick to your commitments.

Keep up With Requirements

Once your property qualifies, you have to keep up with the requirements. So don’t slack off. Your guests work hard. So should you.

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