Blissfields Festival Pro Tips

Blissfields Festival Guide
Photo by Robert Stainforth

Blissfields is one of the UK’s most exclusive festivals, featuring an awesome electro lineup and a small crowd of just 5,000 people. Here are some insider tips if you’re one of the lucky few attending Blissfields this year:

1. Toilet upgrade

Great news! They have upgraded their toilets from messy portaloos to proper toilets. Phew!

2. Relax in an Elysian Lounge

Make the most of the Elysian Lounge – a gorgeous tent with cushions and a relaxing atmosphere. It’s a great place to take a nap and recharge, before hitting the festival’s party scene.

3. Child-friendly

If you’re coming with children, the festival will provide you with a Leave of Absence Letter – to explain how the festival will be educational for children and a worthy day out of school.

4. Alcohol policy

Your own alcohol is permitted – but it cannot be in glass containers. Alcohol is allowed within ‘reasonable limits’. The festival has said that 18 cans beer/cider or a liter of spirits or 2 liters of wine counts as an acceptable amount.

5. Book your perfect camp spot

Spend the extra money and pre-book your own camping spot for £40 per 6m x 5m pitch in the site’s premium area.

6. Get a hot shower

Book a ‘posh wash’ for £10 — for that much-needed hot shower.

7. Check out our full event guide

Read our full Blissfields Festival event guide to help you get ready for one of the most exclusive festivals of the year.

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