Boomtown Music Festival Pro Tips

Boomtown Music Festival Guide
Photo by Leora Bermiester

With 17 stages, hundreds of performers, and an ongoing story that unfolds in front of festival goers’ eyes, Boomtown Music Festival is a lot to handle. To help you navigate it all, we have some expert advice from the ones who know.

1. Know the story

Boomtown is much more than the festival. Every festival is a new chapter in the town’s ever-evolving story. So study up and know what’s happened in the past. We recommend you watch the Boomtown festival’s video on the official page explaining the full Boomtown story.

2. Buy the coach ticket

Traveling by coach is easy. With 55 pickup locations in the UK, the Boomtown coach is the best way to get to the festival. The coach and entry ticket combo is the best ticket option on the list. See our complete Boomtown Event Guide for more ticket information.

3. Know the town

Get familiar with the town layout and save some time for exploring. Every alley can turn up something new.

4. Make your own lineup

Seventeen stages mean lots of performances. So study the lineup, know what you want to see, know what you can miss, and plan accordingly.

5. Mark your campsite

Huge camping areas mean that your tent is easy to lose. A flag or some other clear marker is a good idea.

6. Upgrade your bathroom access

With the purchase of a “Zooloo” bathroom pass, you get access to hot showers and flushing toilets. For more information check out the Boomtown Zooloo page.

7. Stay in the green  

With all that’s going on, you’re going to want to have your phone camera ready. So when you’re headed back to rest, drop your phone off at the charging station and staff will do it for you. When you return for a performance or for exploring, pick it up back up with a full battery.

For information on where to stay, the festival lineup and much more, check out the complete Boomtown Festival Guide.

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