What Do Business Travelers Want in Hotels?

what do business travelers want in a hotel
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You’re an assistant arranging the itinerary for your boss’s business trip to New York next month. You’ve been advised to find a “business hotel,” but other than that bit of guidance, you’re on your own. So what do business travelers want in hotels? Lucky for you we have a few tips that will make your boss’s trip as smooth as possible. That raise might just get a little closer too.

Consistent Wi-Fi

Weak wifi can make an otherwise productive trip a complete disaster. Business travelers have to be connected all the time. Think of wifi as their oxygen — it’s non-negotiable.


Know where your boss will have their meetings. You can book a five-star hotel that covers all the bases, but if it’s far from the meeting site, your boss won’t be pleased. So factor in the door to door time before you pull the trigger.


It sounds simple, but a solid breakfast is essential. Bosses don’t have time to worry about their breakfast when they’re preparing for their meetings. Breakfast needs to be timely, nutritious and delicious.

After Meeting Drinks

Depending on your boss and the nature of the meeting, it can be beneficial to have a stylish bar back at the hotel for post-meeting invites.

Sleep Well

The room and bed itself has to be all about comfort. Scan the reviews and make sure there are no complaints about lumpy mattresses or other things that might keep your boss from putting his or her feet up and resting.

Coworking Spaces and Meeting Rooms

If your boss is traveling with a team, sometimes a pre-meeting preparation room can be great for going over last-minute details. Hotels that have easily accessible private rooms have an edge.

So do your research and make sure that your boss has all they need. Then go ahead and book with confidence.

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