Capitol Hill Block Party Pro Tips

The Capitol Hill Block Party 2017
Photo by The Capitol Hill Block Party 2017

Five stages, over a hundred artists, and more than 20,000 fans packed into a six-block area in the middle of the summer — this is Seattle’s Capitol Hill Block Party. It may sound like chaos, but we have some inside advice to make you a Block Party pro.

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1. Stay near the festival

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could head downstairs, walk a few blocks, and find yourself in the thick of the festival? Well, do something about it! There are plenty of accommodation options in the area so get to booking.

2. Get some breathing room

Head over to Cal Anderson park across the street to stretch your legs for a mini festival break.

3. Know the lineup

With over 100 artists performing, it’s easy to get lost. Study the lineup ahead of time and know when and where your favorites perform.

4. Sweepstakes

Enter to win a pair of three-day VIP passes (food and drinks included), three nights at the Max Hotel and transportation to and from the festival.

5. Food trucks

The festival invites some of the best food trucks in the city to feed festival goers. Don’t miss out.

6. Check out the live video

Check out the projection visuals on the Sensebellum building nearby. High-powered projectors will stream live video footage for anyone a bit further away.

7. Phone Battery

Bring a backup phone charger. Between the countless pictures, texting your lost friends and the WiFi towers that suck your phone battery energy, you’ll need one before the day is over.

8. Show up early

With a general admission pass, it’s a free-for-all for getting close to the stage. The earlier you arrive the better.

9. Cash is King

Make everyone’s life easier and pay in cash. It’ll shorten your transaction time and make things quicker for the people behind you in line.


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