EDC Survival Guide

EDC Las Vegas 2017 Guide
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EDC is a full-on, high-energy, mentally stimulating experience: one that shouldn’t be taken on without a survival guide. Here are our top tips for navigating one of the world’s largest EDM festivals.

1. Come ready to party for the night

There are no in/out privileges to EDC. Once you’re in, be ready to party through to the next morning (or at least as long as you can hang).

2. Leave the extras behind

There are only two things required for festival entry: a photo ID and your ticket. Besides that, the rest is up to you, but we recommend carrying as little as possible. There’s nothing worse than a bunch of extra junk weighing you down while you’re trying to dance.

3. If you do bring extras, lock them up!

Lockers are available for rent but do it early because the prices go up. They also serve as a great group meeting point.

4. Respect the Totem guidelines

If you’re bringing structures, make sure they’re under 10 feet, made from lightweight material and non-offensive.

5. Find everything you need at Carnival Square

Food, water refill stations, first aid, lockers, a general store, lockers and ATMs can all be found onsite, WiFi, charging stations, carnival games, bean bag lounge, general store and more.

6. Get your wristband RIGHT

Register your wristband to your name and place it on your right hand. Only put on your wristband just before the festival to avoid getting it damaged.

7. Keep it PLUR

Respect those around you, spread love, and have a great time.

8. Read the guide

Get all the EDC details in the complete EDC Las Vegas Guide.


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