Great American Beer Festival Pro Tips

Great American Beer Festival
Photo by GABF

With over 3,000 beers for the tasting, someone has to write a guide to help Great American Beer Festival attendees find their way through it all. From accommodations to beer-tasting strategies, we have a few inside tips to help you make these three beer-soaked evenings memorable.

1. Study the event lineup

Each evening is packed with seminars taught by brewing experts. These people are the pros so sign up and take notes.

2. Know your way around

The festival map will let you know where you are in the sea of cerveza. The brewer stands are organized by region so if you’re partial to any region, the map will come in handy.

3. Don’t over taste

Yes, it’s a beer festival and the samples are free but try to pace yourself. Space it out and drink water. You want this to last as long as possible, trust us.

4. Stay in downtown

We have plenty of accommodation options in the downtown area that put you in close proximity to the venue and to all the restaurants and other attractions that downtown Denver has to offer. Check out our complete event guide to see our top GABF accommodation picks.

5. Arrive the day before the event for altitude adjustment

Denver sits over 5,000 feet above sea level and at that altitude, you will likely get drunk a little faster. Arriving the day before will give you some time to adjust before you dive into the beer tasting.

6. No lockers, no coat check

What you bring is what you will carry so dress and pack wisely.

7. Get the GABF app

Beer tours, use the map and pick your favorite beers and breweries. Oh, and it’s free!

8. Keep track

The app allows you to keep notes on different breweries and beers. So keep track and compare notes with your buddies afterward.  

For information on where to stay, directions and much more, check out the complete GABF Guide.


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