How Do You Pack a Suit?

How to pack a suit for travel
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Appearance matters, especially in the business world. So when you show up at a meeting with a wrinkled suit don’t be surprised if it doesn’t go your way. If your job requires a great deal of travel, you need a solid strategy for keeping your suits wrinkle-free while you city hop. So how do you pack a suit? We have a few tips that will keep you looking sharp.

When in doubt, wear it

One of the best ways to dodge wrinkles is to wear your suit on your flight. Once the suit enters the carry-on, or worse, your checked luggage, you start to roll the dice. Keeping your suit on your back is the safest way to keep it in check.

It’s all in the fold

Simple, long, flat folds along the shoulder line are great for jackets. As for pants, keep the number of folds to a minimum (two is good) and check to make sure they’re as flat as possible before they enter the bag.

Bag it up

Keeping the suit in a bag protects it from moisture or rubbing against other clothes. Lint is second only to wrinkles on the suit-ruining scale.

Tissue paper to the rescue

Before you fold your jacket’s arms back, lay some tissue paper on the back of the suit to minimize suit-on-suit contact. This can prevent unnecessary ruffling.

Study the techniques

Check out different folding styles. Business Insider has a great article with step-by-step photos that walk you through suit folding. They also have a video that shows you how to fold and how to apply the tissue paper on the back of your jackets and shirts.

Backup plan

Things happen. Spills, wrinkles, tears etc. Wearing suit one on the plane and keeping suit two in the bullpen in the suitcase is a smart strategy.  

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