Lockn Festival Pro Tips

Lockn Festival 2017 Guide
Photo by Patrick Hughes

The Lockn Festival is a four-day community-filled experience for music and nature lovers alike. Collaboration among world-class artists within a nature-filled wonderland creates the ultimate atmosphere to experience live music at its finest. With the picturesque settings, eclectic band line up, campsite experiences, vendors, craft beers and so much more, it can be difficult to determine how exactly to navigate through it all. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of your experience.

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1. Determine where to stay

Since camping is the most common accommodation option near the festival, be sure to decide which form of camping suits you best. From tent camping, to car, to RV and even glamping, there’s an array of options to fill your nature-loving soul. Spaces are limited so check it out sooner than later!

2. Embrace Community

The Lockn Festival celebrates community and the do-gooders of the world. Surrounded by local vendors, organizations and community leaders, you’ll only be out of place if you don’t embrace the family feel of the experience. Branch out and enjoy your campsite neighbors over some real feel good tunes.

3. Bring a Bicycle

It’s encouraged to bring a bike! The festival grounds abut the beautiful trails of the Oak Ridge Farm property. But, note that bikes are not allowed on the main event site, which is where the world class performances take place.

4. Bring a refillable water bottle

It’s summer, it’s hot, and it’s a four-day festival. You need water! Luckily, that part is covered. Free water fill stations will be located out on the show field. Just bring the bottle.

5. Embrace practical

Although it’s tempting to bring our most fashion-forward selves to the festival, some of these ensembles just aren’t the most practical. Think camping. Dress for comfort. Do yourself a huge favor and pick a pair of shoes that after four days of camping and festival-filled fun, you can still walk in. You can thank yourself later.


Find a place to stay near the Lockn Festival

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