How to Prepare for Arise Festival

Arise Music Festival

Arise Festival is an educational, spiritual and artistic weekend getaway in Northern Colorado for those seeking more than just music and food. The nature of the festival means there’s a lot to see and a lot to navigate. Lucky for you, we have some expert tips to help you get that extra special experience you’re looking for.

1. Got a talent? Sign up!

The official Arise site has a section where artists can apply to participate in the festival. Submit your application and see if you make the cut.

2. Camping means planning

If the plan is to camp, make sure all your food, clothes and toiletries are in order and ready for tent life before arrival.

3. Kid-friendly… kind of

Arise advertises itself as kid-friendly and in a way it is. How many festivals do you know that have Children’s Villages? However, with the free spirit nature of the event comes a fair amount of drug consumption. It depends on what you want your kids to see.

4. Try it all

From yoga seminars to natural healing seminars, check it all out. This festival is not the place for suppressing curiosity.

5. No glass

There’s a lot of bare-footed festival goers so broken glass bottles are a high crime.

6. Take a hike

You’re in the Rocky Mountains and the surrounding scenery is beautiful. A quick (or not so quick) hike is a great break from the festival.

For information on where to stay, the festival lineup and much more, check out the complete Arise Festival Guide.

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