How to Prepare for Bloodstock Festival

Bloodstock Music Festival
Photo by Bloodstock Music Festival

Four days of ear-ringing heavy metal music is a lot to handle. The U.K.’s premier metal event features some of the genre’s biggest names, camping and even a VIP bar with over 100 ales and ciders. Sound like a good combo for you? We’re here with a couple tips to help you maximize your metal experience.

1. Buy in advance!

Tickets sell out quickly. This includes camping spaces, VIP tickets and shuttle tickets.

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2. Study the lineup and know when to rest

Making it through every performance would be a feet of incredible human endurance. Save your hearing and select the performances you want to see most. Duck back to the tent when the performances don’t peak your interest quite as much. Check out the lineup.  

3. Wheelbarrows go a long way

Carrying your bags from the drop-off point to the campsite can be a task. Experienced festival goers bring wheelbarrows or carts in their cars for quicker bag transportation.

4. Know where you parked

It’s easy to lose your car in a packed parking lot — especially after hours of metal music. Know your landmarks or make a flag to make the search a little easier on you and your crew. This goes for the campsite too.

5. Choose a meeting point

Big crowds mean getting lost is easy. Choose a designated meeting place if you lose a member of the crew.

6. New blood is good blood

The New Blood stage is for the up-and-coming bands. Don’t leave them out. They’re the future.

7. Check out Uncle Gio’s Breakfast Pizza

It’s a food stand at the festival and the name is all you need to know.

8. Head out on Sunday

Most people are metaled and partied out by Sunday. Staying an extra night doesn’t benefit you. Take off and beat the crowd.

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