How to Prepare for Eaux Claires Festival

Eaux Claires Festival
Photo by Eaux Claires Festival

One of the emerging music festivals in the U.S., Eaux Claires is getting bigger and better every year. That means new artists, new exhibits, and more newcomers. For those looking to learn the Eaux Claires ropes, we have some inside advice to help you get the most out of your Wisconsin weekend.

1. Shuttles buses

Festival organizers want to limit the number of people who arrive at the festival by car. With shuttle buses running all across the city, they make it easy to leave the car behind. For shuttle information, check out the complete.

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2. Lots to leave behind

Professional cameras, chairs, umbrellas and musical instruments are on the long list of no-nos. Check out the full list of leave-behinds before finalizing your packing.

3. Hydrate

Wisconsin can bring some pretty mean June heat. Water and Gatorade are critical.

4. Durable footwear

A little rain can mean a lot of mud in the campsite. Some boots for the worst case scenario could be a lifesaver.

5. Leave the cooler and food at home

Only snacks make the cut. All other main meals have to be bought from official festival food vendors.

6. Early bird gets the… campsite

Camping is first come first serve so be the first.

7. Be a good neighbor

Respect for all festival goers is a top priority. Lights have to be out (meaning no partying) on the campgrounds at 1 a.m.


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