Should I Hide my Valuables from Airbnb Guests?

Should I Hide my Valuables from Airbnb Guests?
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Should you hide your valuables from Airbnb guests? The answer is you should. Would it greatly lessen your guests’ experience if they weren’t able to use your expensive desktop computer? Chances are it wouldn’t make a difference.

Of course, it all depends on the valuable. If it’s a real hassle to move or hide your antique grand piano and your Airbnb guests arrive tomorrow, then yes, maybe it’s more convenient to leave it out than worry about unlikely property damage.

Trust your instincts with your guests as well. If you’re worried about the safety of certain items, then let your guests know that these belongings are off-limits, and hope that they’ll respect your wishes. Write this in the description of your Airbnb listing so expectations are clear from the start.

Remember, while Airbnb guests may seem responsible and trustworthy on their profile or upon first interaction, they start off as strangers every single time. It can feel risky enough that they are in your home, so try to reduce the risk by guarding your valuables.

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